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Football Tactics is a nice little mix of tactical turn based strategy, simulation, and management. You take the role of the coach for a really crappy team playing in the 4th division of your country's league. The game does not have licensed teams, but it supports the Steam workshop and the community has been great in adding a huge amount of real teams to the game.

I did a video review that I highly recommend watching. Not only is it incredibly informative but it also shows a lot of footage of skill usage which, in my opinion, the game does a poor job of explaining.

I was struggling with the game once my team was promoted to the 3rd division. All the enemy teams now had skills and I had no idea how to combat them or even use mine. The in-game tutorial only teaches you the bare basics of how to move, pass, and shoot. Skills are taught via the "coaches notes" which pretty much show you a screenshot of the skill as well as a little bit of text.

Videos, demonstrations, etc would have been much more helpful. It wasn't until I started to watch simulated games and saw how the AI used the skills of my players did I finally understand them.

And then I realized just how OP the skills are. Cannon shot, olympic kick, and rainbow feint are absolutely ridiculous. One of my guys, a low level forward, was able to use rainbow feint to not only get past 2 defenders but also through the goalkeeper for an incredibly easy, and unsatisfying goal.

Olympic kick allows the corner kick guy to shoot directly into the goal. It works 99% of the time.

The only way to protect yourself from these skills is to have defensive skills but these are extremely rare and can still fail. This works for the computer as well and it was how I was able to quickly dominate and reach 1st place of the Ukrainian Premier League fairly quickly despite only having a team with a 3-star rating and most of my opponents having 4.5 stars.

Currently, the game lacks depth and strategy. Every match is almost the same. After kick off, I pass to my forward, he gets into position and attempts to score. The shot is either deflected, caught, or goes in. Then the opponent does the same thing, then I do the same thing. However, on my next turn, I'm able to use skills (you can't use them immediately at kickoff) and then I can just spam cannon shot or rainbow feint for free goals.

It gets easier later on since the AI is terrible. They never take into account your formation and will gladly have an awful defensive one which will allow you to spam cannon shots.

I've had a match where the opponent had 0 forwards. It was 6 defenders and 5 midfielders. This team had a 4.5-star rating but it didn't matter as they could never score. Other times I've had teams that were using terrible midfielders who got into position to attempt to score but never did instead of passing to their forwards.

As players start retiring, the AI starts using low-level players on the field (instead of training them earlier after they came from the youth academy) and it is so easy to exploit that especially if the guy is a goalkeeper or defender.

At this point, I doubt I'll be playing this again until a new update arrives. Currently, every season is the same, I win everything, my players get even stronger, and the enemy teams are even weaker as their stars retire and are replaced with low-level trash.

However, I do think it is worth it. $15 is chump change and I got around 30 hours of enjoyment out of it. The devs are responsive and are continually updating the game. I do recommend watching the video I linked above as it is far more positive than this criticism. This is just a collection of my thoughts after putting in about 7 after I made the video and saw that I pretty much did everything the game has to offer.

There are a lot of things that I feel this game is missing. It needs more strategy, more depth, skills reworked and more variety. I know that specified positions are in the works (defensive midfielders, offensive ones, CBs, etc) and I'm looking forward to it.

I also want more upgrades to be available. The current ones are all linear and boring. Money is only used to increase stadium capacity and improve your youth league. Fame is used increase experience gain. Using fame to upgrade the free agency is pointless and a complete waste of currency.

I think it would be interesting to add things like food, alcohol, security, maintenance, and other things. The game just feels "too basic" if you know what I mean. It's incredibly enjoyable when you're struggling in the bottom 2 divisions, but after enough time passes, you will have players with OP skills and you'll breeze through everything.

It's also odd that there is no stat decay. Your forward will perform better when he's 40 years old as opposed to 26 which doesn't make any sense.

I'd like for the game to have replays. Sometimes, when you're losing badly but manage to win at the end is extremely satisfying but there are no replays of even goals.

I'd also like to have the ability to change the age of my squad. It'd be really nice if I could make them as young as possible and then take them all the way to the top. I get attached to my players and loved keeping the same squad in the Master League mode of PES.

I look forward to the updates as this game was incredibly satisfying at the start and has an extreme amount of potential.

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