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quitting comp tf2 from h2 2018

PURE League Intermediate Cup 1 5th Place - nothing 2 lose ;-;

AFC 12 Division 3 2nd Place - Excitement Beneficiaries

UGC HL S25 - Unstable Gamers!
UGC HL S22 12th Place - Boston City Pubbers
UGC HL S21 5th Place - Team Cataclysmic!
UGC HL S20 9th Place - kompany C.
UGC HL S19 23rd Place - ReVisiTEd AssAsINs

UGC 6s S25 Platinum 2nd Place - Nut Masters
UGC 6s S24 15th Place - Excitement Beneficiaries
UGC 6s S23 6th Place - Excitement Beneficiaries

UGC 4s S11 12th Place - Excitement Beneficiaries
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cz lft afc14 Jul 7 @ 1:10pm 
ULTIMATE LARRY FUCKER 6999999999: #HomoHail
ULTIMATE LARRY FUCKER 6999999999: twitter #1 trending
cz lft afc14 Jul 7 @ 1:08pm 
hail: i dont need luck m gay
cz lft afc14 Jul 7 @ 1:07pm 
hail: people have legitimately eVEYRHWERE i go in rela life thought im gay
cz: well no shit u r now arent u
hail: yes i am now
hail: there is a dick in my ass consistently
hail: eveyr moment of time
cz lft afc14 Jul 7 @ 1:05pm 
hail: fuck yeah gay pride
hail: #dicks4lyfe
cz lft afc14 Jul 7 @ 1:05pm 
hail: dick in my ass all the time
hail: hope everything goes in*
ubrdrgn Jun 15 @ 12:13pm 
22:44 - hail: ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck oyou
22:44 - hail: im
22:44 - hail: gay