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Zachary!   Pennsylvania, United States
FortNite- PrinceCommon
Battlenet - PrinceCommon#1991
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Something Sweet & Romantic

2:34 AM - 31459870987051437089570891435678: Common I just watched the new short. You are literally the Scout. That is all.

8:33 PM - ♔Prince♔Common♔: i love u
8:33 PM - skz: <3u2bb

9:39 PM - ↺FreakyFred↻ LFP: and own brings out this gold roster to scrim my team

Digresser : red pyro, my team seems to hate you. nice job.
²³♔ℙґїᾔ¢℮♔ℭ☺ : thanks means alot from you <3
Digresser : awww

(ง'̀-'́)ง Game Face

{嗈}Ice1fire: Well you are pretty famous

kmw3297 : yeezus common too good lol
kmw3297 : that comon kid is pretty good
MattyG02 : you are a good spy
Comp Play
UGCS8-Iron IFA Gamma Starting Scout 6-3 Rank 10
UGCS9-Iron White Lyte Starting Scout 5-4 Rank 24
UGCS10-Iron KSh Kill-Streak Heroes Starting Scout/leader 6-2 Rank 6
UGCS11-Silver oWn Our World Now Starting Scout/Leader 4-4 Rank 38
UGCS12-Silver oWn Our World Now Starting Engie/Leader 4-4 Rank 31 (All-Star Nomination)
UGCS13 Steel oWn Oprah Winfrey Network AllClassSub/Leader 9-3 Rank 4 (All-Star Spec)
UGCS14 Silver BUS Commons Short Bus AllClassSub/Leader 7-5 Rank 4
UGCS15 Gold Rawr. Spacebears Sub Engie 4-4 Rank 10
UGCS16 Gold Rawr. Spacebears Sub Engie 3-5 Rank 14
UGCS17 Silver Fe Iron Knife Main Engie/Pyro 4-4

S2 *FP* Scout Rank 17 6-3

UGCS12 Steel Pocket Solly $oC 2-6
UGCS13 Iron Demo Re'Define 5-3
UGCS14 Steel/Leader Demo oWn 3-5
UGCS15 Steel/Leader Demo oWn 3-5
UGCS16 Steel/Leader Demo Lebron James 6-4
UGCS17 Steel Scout Re'Define 4-4

S18 Open Scout Mad Luxurious-Light 5-11
S19 Open Scout Mad Luxurious-Light 1-8

UGCS1 Silver Sub Scout Imagine Dragons Dance Crew 2-6
UGCS2 Silver Pocket Common Kay 1-4 (Dropped)
UGCS4 Steel All Is Bus 5-5
UGCS5 Silver All Is Bus 3-3

SoullessChaos: babe :(
SoullessChaos: you were mine first </3

12:49 AM - Prince Common: wanna Hi-4 sometime
12:50 AM - Hades: Sure, is that like a high 5?
12:50 AM - Prince Common: Thumbs don't COUNT MY MY GOOD OLE PAL TROY BOLTON
12:51 AM - Hades: I don't recall starring in high school musical but oka
12:51 AM - Hades: okay*
12:51 AM - Prince Common: UR MY STAR SO

38907453098354934267453978345903: jesus christ this game is gorgeous
38907453098354934267453978345903: I will
38907453098354934267453978345903: yes
38907453098354934267453978345903: that is me
38907453098354934267453978345903: screenshot this
38907453098354934267453978345903: then print it
38907453098354934267453978345903: and then shred the printed screenshot
Prince Common: How do u screen shot?
38907453098354934267453978345903: that way you destroy the evidence
38907453098354934267453978345903: my SO will never know

Highlander isn't even comp its just exactly how this game was made to play each class doing its correct role the real comp is 6v6 cause that take pure skill
[SM] Vote successful. (Received 75% of 8 votes)
[SM] Slayed player '3759102345709183475091473501987'

12:00 AM - ♔Prince♔Common♔: Reason to go straight -Skeez is bad with dates
12:00 AM - Skeez: ^

15:17:29 Toadyᵐᵃˣ: Is that the UGC common!?

lakantu : I must be completely retarded and/or prince has superhuman wizard powers
lakantu : prince you appear to be some sort of transcendent being of pure energy
lakantu : can you teach me how to do that too

CancerSex : especially with common's aimhacks

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