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Prevent Abu Al'Amreeki   Palestinian Territory, Occupied
It appears that my channel has been permenantly martyred by YouTube. Wallahi, the uploading has only just begun at Vimeo . If you don't feel like making an account there just for me (I don't blame you) I'll be tweeting whenever I upload new content.

As always, the important thing to remember is that must we take the fight to the kufr.... with extra prejudice taken against the kufrul-'Inaad.

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This replaces the audio on some maps (including vanilla ones) with more immersive arabic sounds. On Market, the radio music loop is now a mix of nasheeds complete with appearances from your favorite jihadi speakers, including Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi himself!
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Created by - ┐AkH└ prevent ☪ and Kudumsuz
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Wallahi, no one can do it.
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┐AkH└ prevent ☪ Aug 13 @ 3:57pm 
Steam said that Insurgency was on your wishlist, and it’s free now so you should grab it before it starts costing money again
KaSpErwOw_Kz Aug 13 @ 2:52pm 
What do you mean my friend I do not know what it is ..
A. Max. Aug 7 @ 12:59am 
This is how dedication to your character looks like.
Living is overrated Aug 4 @ 3:51pm 
Edward ♃ Aug 1 @ 6:47pm 
petition steam to ban the corpse canoe emoji