Tiger   Queensland, Australia
My 3DS Friend Code is 3540-1040-8728. Play Smash or MK7 with me!

I'm on other websites too! UPDATED 5:50pm 18th October 2017

You can follow me on Twitter , but don't expect me to say much.
I used to make admittedly bad videos on YouTube .
I check Reddit quite often.
You can check out my LEGO creations on MOCpages [].
I used to moderate the Official Terraria Room [] on back when it was active. That was fun.

I've also got accounts for the following...

Armor Games (Inactive)
Bandcamp (Inactive)
BrainForceV (Site has shut down)
BZPower (Inactive)
ClanAOD (Inactive)
Discord (Inactive)
Everybody Edits (Might return soon)
EE Forumify (Site has shut down)
Eurobricks (Inactive) (Inactive) (Inactive)
JackSmack (Inactive)
Knuckle Cracker Forums (PROT05T33L, inactive)
Livestream (Inactive)
Minecraft Forums (Inactive) (Inactive)
My LEGO Network Wiki (Inactive)
Newgrounds (Inactive)
Nitrome (Inactive)
Nonoba (Site has shut down) (Inactive)
Photobucket (Inactive) (Inactive) (Inactive)
Skype (Inactive)
Terraria Online (Inactive)
Twitch (Inactive)
Wikipedia (Inactive)
Various games, such as Minecraft, Supermechs and World of Tanks
Some other stuff I've forgotten
Currently Online
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PsychoDuck Apr 26, 2015 @ 9:03pm 
Yes, I heard. Think I'll just take that as my cue to pack it in. Might drop in once more before the time comes.
max May 25, 2012 @ 10:26am 
Yeah, getting into GMod.