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Got a taste and got shell-shocked
Drive me to Hell in a drop-top
Uh, drive me to Hell in a drop-top
I have to leave you to save me 'fore I f*ck up and go too far
I hate that you blame me for the things that I cannot control
even if it isn't real, I wanna hear it (Oh, Oh)
Pour my heart out on the floor and now it's leaking (Oh, Oh)
Spent two-thousand on an Five-Seven, don't make me squeeze it
I don't care if it was all pretend, I wanna feel it
Money over bítches 'cause if I lose it all, you leavin'?
Bítch, you will never love me, I believe it
Atleast money make these bítches go insane, yeah, I done seen it (Oh, no)
Don't wanna fall too deep
I want you, but I just can't give you any of me
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