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Uncanny Servers | ImperialRP

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Our StarwarsRP ImperialRP server boasts the worlds first FULLY Custom Gamemode for roleplay. We have a dedicated Staff, Development, and Advertisement team, who provide the Community with exceptional services and skill, with a Development team who boasts 20+ years of experience, we provide our users with the utmost experience and quality.

Uncanny Servers | CSGO Skill Surf

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Our CSGO Skill Surf server, provides our users with a friendly and relaxing but engaging enviroment. We appeal to beginners, intermediate, and advanced players, as our maps vary in dificulty and layout!


I got banned, how do I appeal?
You can appeal your Discord or Server ban on our Forum Appeal Section [google.com.au]

I donated, but I haven't recieved my purchase?
This issue normally happens if you aren't on the server at the current time of purchase, or there was a payment / connection issue, you can contact us on our Discord, Support Text Channel [discord.gg]

Where can I find the Server content?
You can find each Servers content via clicking here

How can I join ANY of your staff teams?
Just visit our Forum [google.com.au] and then fill out an application

I need help with your [INSERT SERVER HERE], can you help me?
Of course I can help you! But it's often better if you contact the Manager of that server, they are generally faster at responding them I am!
bernie Jun 1 @ 11:49pm 
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[US] Cryptix May 25 @ 4:53am 
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[IG] Emerald™ old May 19 @ 9:13pm 
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Grape Apr 24 @ 5:25am 
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Adam Apple Mar 28 @ 10:27am 
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RainbowStache Mar 7 @ 4:13am 
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