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I'm part Man, part Corgi, and Part Gamer.

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Before Adding Me, Please Read This
Please Comment before adding me as to the reason why. People who don't will be ignored!
That said, I also probably won't accept an invite just because you'd like to have me on your friends list. It's nothing personal, and I would gladly accept everyone if it weren't for Steam's friend limits.

If you're looking for me to anwser questions
I'll gladly help you out to the best of my abilities, but please note that if you're looking to be taught how to do every little thing, you're better off looking up the countless videos out there that will tell you just that. I can give you pointers and help you along your way with what information I know, but I probably won't teach you everything from point A to B. Again, nothing personal, it's just I don't have the time to walk everyone through stuff personally, despite how much I may want to help.
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When You Slay the Demons Just Right
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Smorg Jul 15 @ 11:33pm 
Im looking for custom models
Dr. Sukdeep U. Dikshit Jul 5 @ 5:53am 
Itz Dante May 27 @ 9:40pm 
Hey, I need a Model Im willing to pay If Intrested I sent you a Friend Request Please msg me when your able to respond
I wanna add you because i think you are a great person and i wanna play games with you and hang out, and help on some creations!:2016trophy::steamhappy:
Omega_Weapon Apr 30 @ 1:04pm 
Greetings.Your aftermath mods are cool.Can you make a Coach aftermath for complete set?Pretty please :).I hope it's not a tonne of work,if it is then i understand.
Hans! Apr 23 @ 10:43pm 
You make some good mods, mate. :health: