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UNBEKANNTE GEFAHR! Dihydrogenmonooxid! (DHMO)
Informationen: http://www.dhmo.de/fakten.html

They random-add to have people clicked on their links they send them so that, ...
usually the victims get to a website where they are offered to download/open a virus.
worst case it is enough that the victim clicks on the link. For example, in Steam it might be possible that the phisher gets information about the victim's Steam account.
There's no way to tell how good the phishers are, but what you can tell is that they usually go for money.

Always assume the worst case
Generally, you can't tell whether the person who has just sent you a suspicious link or asked for rather private information is a phisher or not, because there is just the text you have. So what can you do?

Look at the link
Is it " https://" (should be secure) or " http://"? Is it "steamcommunity" or for example "stearncommunity" (m or r-n)?

Talk to them
Often, it's bots who send the messages. Do they react? If it's a friend of yours, ask him about his life, for example: "When is your [birthday (party)/presentation/concert/...]? How are you and [person] going? How was your ...?"

Use a different chat
Try to reach the person from a different program or social network, such as TeamSpeak, Skype, Facebook, REAL LIFE, anything.

Be critic
Is it still possible that it is a phisher? What might have happened to your friend's account? Where might the phisher have taken a correct answer from?

Is it too late?
If you are sure that there is something on your computer now, make sure to disconnect from the internet and to scan your computer.
It is most important that you're no longer connected to the internet. The better it is if you don't use WLAN, because if you do, it means that you can't tell if any malicious software makes your connect or not.
The best thing you can do is to turn off your internet router.

What do I do if I identified a phisher?
Report him. Always report phishers so that the community gets aware of them and can ban their accounts; rather the computer IP than just an account to prevent them from creating new ones.
You can't stop them alone in a big community.
Additionally, you might want to block any communication so that this phisher account will never be able to contact you again.

Skype phisher "foxiegrl.kaylee4563"
This person added me on Skype. The chat is from 21 June 2015. Of course I did not click on his link. The bot sent many long messages with long breaks in between which really made me think; I thought it was someone I know due to his randomly similar name. As he never reacted to what I typed, it was a valid evidence that it's a bot.

It kinda triggered me to see how this phisher prorgammed his bot.
If they keep trying like this, they might be more successful. So be careful !

Thanks for reading, written by [~µoµcorn~]..xD.
I wrote this text in 2015 and edited it on 28th Aug 2016. Feel free to copy-paste.
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Workshop Showcase
This is a remake of an old XIII multiplayer map, Platform 02.
XIII was a FPS game published in 2003 by Ubisoft Paris and based on the comics XIII.

As I already had some of the textures, I decided to make this map too.

The Custom gamemode is the oldschool
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