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Hi I'm pop102, or you can call me pahwp. (INFP-A) []
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I do not like sarcasm, please don't use it. (or use it carefully)

I am currently playing NES Tetris, osu!, SSBM/Ultimate and occasionally TF2.
Currently focusing NES Tetris and SSBM!

UGC Highlander:
Steel S8: Goobacast: Uber-ish Backup (49th/58th Place)
Steel S9: Goobacast: Starter Spy (started ctf_haunt) (14th/43rd Place)
Silver S10: Goobacast: Starter Spy (30th/73rd Place)
Silver S11: Kritz Titz: Backup Spy (18th/61st Place)
Silver S12: Silent Riot: Starter Spy/Backup Spy (Left after koth_lakeside) (24th/60th Place)
Gold S14: (Clay's Team): Backup Spy (Died)
Silver S15: Busey in Wonderland: Backup Spy (7th/45th Place)
Steel S17?: Nearly Ready to Rumble: Backup Spy (Died)
Silver S18: Piña Colada: Backup Spy / Coach-ish? (16th/47th Place)

UGC 6's:
Steel (Blue) S14: Tranny Donger Squad: All-Class Backup-ish (2nd Place)
Silver S15: Donger Squad: All-Class Backup-ish (21st/52nd Place)
Silver S16: Donger Squad: All-Class Backup-ish (14th/57nd Place)

Other Game Achievements: (Peak)
League of Legends | Diamond 5 89LP (solo) (s7) | Top 1% (NA)
Overwatch | Masters Rank (Season 4) | Top 3% (NA)
Hearthstone | Legend (#5365) (Season 52) | Top 0.25% (NA)
Osu! | 4 Digits (#8400~) | 5K PP
NES Tetris | 49th Player to Maxout (Reach Score 999,999)

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I Am the Cheese: be honest with me popadoodle
pahwp: omg haha

Remember, most things have pros and cons, so when people talk bad things, they are just gonna talk about the cons only. So don't forget the pros! Σd=(・ω-`o) Σb

When you eat an orange, you don't know if it'll be sour, dry, sweet, juicy, etc. You try your best to pick the perfect one to eat, but you don't know what'll happen when you eat it. Will it be good? Bad? Will it leave a bad taste in your mouth or make you smile from deliciousness. - feaolivia, from Orange manga review

yay~! ^~^
KYAAAAA! oh.... OH... :( []
wen days is dark always rember happy day
Cocona, Cocona, Cocona~! (Flip Flappers Spoilers)
DJ Deckstream - Life is good feat. Mos Def
Magnetic North & Taiyo Na ft. Sam Kang - Home:Word
When you have a dream []
But life hits you []
Sometimes, you’re saved []
Sometimes, you’ll get really close []
But eventually, you’ll get there []
Oh… damn. []

A believing heart is your magic~!
Hungrybox did nothing wrong during Dreamhack Austin Finals Game 5.
Wobbling shouldn't be banned. Period.
Anime girls doing anything rap music related, is actually amazing.
Get in, loser!
RokuShi Best Ship~!
Yo, Emergence/Henshin, is... not something you wanna read.
rip thelewa, will miss your finnish accent and your gameplay
Rukairi Jan 21 @ 1:47am 
+rep kawaii-desu and best fwiendo ever
fried tofu May 13, 2018 @ 7:16pm 
hbox is my favorite
he's so cute
우미 Mar 13, 2018 @ 12:41am 
ur good :)
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GG and Farewell