Aaron   Utrecht, Netherlands
Have a nice day and take it ez guys ^^
If you want to play overwatch with me feel free to add me: poonkje112#2777
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1 game ban on record | Info
2625 day(s) since last ban
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Before you add me:
:csgoglobe: Here to scam me? Good! I will waste your time and might exploit your bot!
:csgoglobe: Do not expect me to respond instantly because most of the time i'm busy.
:csgoglobe: Want to play CS:GO With me? Add me on my main CS:GO account here .
:csgoglobe: Please place a comment with the reason why you are adding me else i won't accept you.

About me:
Jaay lets talk about me! :steamhappy:
My name is Aaron aka poonkje112,
I'm a programmer and waste my time by breaking applications, gaming or just spend my time good and do my homework ( Which i actually do the most of the day :steambored:).

Game ban explained:
So yeah you know that feeling maybe: How is it like to cheat?
Well i admit i cheated on my main account which was the most stupidest thing i have done... :steamfacepalm:
( Yeah you're stupid if you cheat on your main account :/ lucky me that i did not have any items )
Though the only thing i'm proud of is that i managed to not trigger VAC! :steamhappy:
But i was playing to obvious for Overwatch. :steamsad:
Please note that i'm not cheating anymore in CS:GO but for those who are going to ask me about this here is the reason! :steamhappy:
And also i do not encourage people to cheat in any game since you'll be ruining the game experience of other people.

Programming languages i know:
Java, MySQL, HTML, PHP, LUA and JavaScript.

Programming languages i'm learning:
C++, C, Objective C, Python and VisualBasic.

Social media:
I'm not that type of guy who uses twitter/facebook etc... Just subscribe to my YouTube channel to to follow me!

Please don't expect an instant response from me! Because most of the time i'm really busy,
so apologies for any late replies! My items are not up for trade. That includes sensible offers too!
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