DJ Polocatfan
Dylan Cantrell   New York, United States
"Hey you wanna see my tattoo?" -Tattoo Seagull Dude
"Any Questions?" - David S. Pumpkins

I'm 21 years old and a noob streamer/soundclouder.

I collect Video Games of all kinds and old PC games from Humongous Entertainment, LucasArts, The Learning Company, Based on Board Games, and interesting shit.

I've gotten back into Pokemon TCG, which has eaten up most of my free time. (good thing I have Pokemon TCGO on my phone so I can do other things while I duel.)

My Favorite game genres are (in no order) RPG, Puzzle, Coding, Simulator, Platformer, Tycoon, Idle/Anti-Idle, Visual Novel, Etc.

My favorite games are:
Point and Click: Day of the Tentacle - The Gimmick of the Game is you switch between 3 people in different Time Periods. It works well. Also they send the FUCKING ROCKER dude into the past. Think about it A ROCKER DUDE IN THE FUCKING COLONIAL TIMES! It's a setup for hilarity.

FPS: TF2 - Unlike every BLAND FUCKING REPEAT FPS GAME OUT NOWADAYS this one doesn't take itself seriously AT ALL! Cartoony Graphics, Insane weapons, A FUCKING BACKSTORY TOLD IN COMIC BOOKS! All adds up to one solid Multiplayer Only FPS

FPS Puzzle: Portal/Portal 2/Quantum Conundrum - I honestly can't pick. I recommend you play them all.

RPG: I cannot decide between Paper Mario/Super Mario RPG/Mario and Luigi/Stick of Truth - Very good interactive gameplay from all of these.

Platformer: Psychonauts - How do I describe this game? It's like summer camp if your summer camp was all about Psychically training your mind to burn stuff and shoot lazers. Each Level is based on Mental Disorders/Traumas such as PTSD, Paranoia/Conspiracy, Losing a Parent at a young age, Having an orphanage you worked at burn down while you're out buying groceries, Bipolar Disorder, Napoleon Complex, LITERAL NAPOLEON COMPLEX, etc. It's also written by the main guy on Full Throttle and Grim Fandango and the current owner of Double Fine Productions inc. Tim Shafer.

Skating Game: Jet Set Radio - I don't like the other ones. But this one because of the EPIC music(on my top 10 favorite game soundtracks), the setting, THE INSANE ENEMIES, the whole graffiti thing, the story, the cel shaded graphics, etc. It's such a great game. Although controls are a bit iffy and will make you yell because you barely miss a jump.

Puzzle: Professor Layton (all of them) - It's puzzle books made into a game.

Coding Puzzle: Hack n Slash - It's a bit short, but it will genuinely help you learn LUA without forgetting about being fun just to teach you, also the game is a lot like Zoombinis, in that it doesn't specifically teach you everything, it lets you mess around and explore.

Defies All the Genres: The Stanley Parable - 8888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888
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Just readed your whole desc
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i send you a trade offer
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