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You know, no one ever knows when he goes insane: He supposes it is the world altering, not himself.
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'Theres a bunch of different types of 4K' - Arya Samini from the land of terrorism

only god can judge me: TUMBLR
SENATOR | SEGA.PW: i know what it is
SENATOR | SEGA.PW: its a rat

DaRkWoRlD: i can cheat in all games
DaRkWoRlD: without getting banned

[Member] All of humanity: Your aimboting the entire server

9:16 PM - Mohaamed2003: thats ready to paste?
10:16 PM - abstract (1): i need a c++ bhop script

6:12 PM - Humpy: says the one who cannot think of a new for his hack
$YNERGY | oucs the currency sigh at the end

9:28 PM - HUEHUEHEUEHUEHUEHE: Im a fucking genius

1:50 PM - ***ᅚ_ᅚ***: just copyed from mpgh

6:04 PM - koki: my mom went into my room and cleaned my mess, which triggered my autism

3:39 PM - User(s): I have too, it taste like absoulete burnt asshole.

Disconnect: Kicked by Pendragon(STEAM_0:1:30972336) (Banned permanently: get the fuck out of here you bhopping vac banned turbo nigger r q ).

Disconnect: Kicked by Console (Banned permanently: Hacking Apparently).

11:44 AM - baby func: know a secret?
11:44 AM - baby func: MY PENIS IS A VAGIONA

*TNT*Infected***: Question Do i have Mic Or not

[PLAYER][RECRUIT] HKZeb c:: People like you are the ones who ruin gmod.
HKZeb c: has disconnected, their SteamID is: STEAM_0:1:92639843

6:33 PM - HumpyTheCat: do you know how much tranny dick ide suck for a dragon lore?
6:33 PM - HumpyTheCat: alot

7:06 PM - HumpyTheCat: whats the best pickaxe to use on runescape

Screamyyy : people
Screamyyy : i lost today 8 in a row
Screamyyy : i am mad as virgin

12:13 PM - sperg #Scammed: i'll keep getting
12:13 PM - sperg #Scammed: scammed
12:13 PM - sperg #Scammed: Idgaf
12:13 PM - sperg #Scammed: until i get a good hack
12:13 PM - sperg #Scammed: I may have autism
12:13 PM - sperg #Scammed: but idgaf

Senator: spinbots
Senator: are used in
Senator: csgo
Senator: to detour
Senator: headshots
10:47 PM - $ENATOR: paste please

19:17 - [Developers] Oplexz: and kick bypass

3:11 PM - :[ meme ? flex ]:: I pasted

8:03 PM - sans: i got friendzoned once
8:03 PM - sans: i actually am in it
8:03 PM - sans: currently

5:50 PM - Sadi: thanks for the paste
5:50 PM - Sadi: now im going to take credit and no one will believe you!!!

✯DevilZ✯ abandoned tha match n' received a 7 dizzle competitizzle matchmakin cooldown.
Da other crew is votin ta surrender.

(OOC) SarahImNew: your a shitface scammer base hoster nerd

11:14 AM - MAG 7 BOYZ: I will fucking
11:14 AM - MAG 7 BOYZ: bomb valve
11:14 AM - MAG 7 BOYZ: if I got a dragon lore

6:06 PM - ♥Neringa♥: gay horse gay horse

● Wepnet : mom just burped and it smells like dick LOL
11:31 PM - Wepnet: i am watching starwars the first one and touching myself

Vote results: User will now be kicked, pending approval. (6/7)

Paul: some fucking kid whos dad beats him at night decided he wanted to cheat in rust
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DanielTheSekla Jul 16 @ 10:03am 
⚠️⚠️ warning : you need an IQ of at least 200 to understand this comment ⚠️⚠️

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Korki Jul 7 @ 2:11pm 
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user($)_ Jul 7 @ 12:53pm 
this dudes gay thats a fact
styx mango Jul 7 @ 12:50pm 
αciid Jul 7 @ 4:07am 
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Jul 2 @ 8:41am