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:flashbang:CPU: i5-6500, Quad Core, 3.2GHz
:flashbang:GPU: Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 480 4GB
:flashbang:MotherBoard: ASUS H110M-K
:flashbang:RAM: 2x Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB 2133MHz DDR4
:flashbang:PSU: Corsair VS Builder Series VS550 550W
:flashbang:SSD/HDD: OCZ SSD Trion 150 Series, 240GB; HDD Seagate Barracuda, 1TB
:flashbang:Monitor: Benq GL2450HE, 2ms
:flashbang:OS: Win 10 Pro
:flashbang:Mouse: Steelseries Rival 100
:flashbang:Headset: Razer Kraken USB

Games That I Usually Play:

:murica:Escape From Tarkov
:murica:Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Favorite Games Of All Time:

:broflex:Escape From Tarkov
:broflex:Dishonored 2
:broflex:S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series
:broflex:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
:broflex:Mount & Blade: Warband
:broflex:The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
:broflex:Mafia 2
:broflex:Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
:broflex:Half-life 2

Favorite Movies:

:musicskull:Fight Club
:musicskull:Pulp Fiction
:musicskull:All Jim Carrey movies
:musicskull:Saving Private Ryan
:musicskull:A Clockwork Orange
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The game was nice when I played it but basically it's dead now with only 50 players online on average per day. The game has nice features but it's not enough to bring new people to the game.

This game is very fun when it comes to survival games.

You can find items very easily and the good part is that you can sell most of the items to merchants that are your personal storekeepers as well.

The Russian atmosphere this game has makes it fun and interesting. There are only a few factions in the game currently: Neutrals (starting players), Civilians (good guys with guns), Looters (bad guys with guns), Traitors (the ones that have killed a member of their current faction and are now enemies to everyone) and the Military (NPCs with the best loot that have an APC).

The game has a animations for most actions, like eating various things, foraging, drinking water, filling up your bottle or flask, slav squatting (it's fake, one of the heels is above the ground), having a seat on the ground, checking your ammo, taking your clothes on and off, gutting animals, surrendering, filling up canisters and refueling cars, equiping weapons and everything else that I forgot (basically a lot of animations for mundane actions).

The map is not as big as you'd think but trust me - it's enough. Most of the time you are on foot so the small-ish map is good because you don't waste as much time running around. The running can feel a bit slow at first but I got used to it. There are vehicles in the game and you can find them easily if you know the spots unless it's a 14~24 player server, then the vehicles will already be taken by someone else.

Personally I really enjoy the gun variety and how the guns work and how they sound and the damage and impact of the shots to the body feel good too. It would be nice if the devs added aiming down the sights in First Person, but I could be wrong here. The group shootouts feel cool and raiding bases and bunkers is fun too! Playing with your friends is 100 times better as well.

There is an NPC helicopter that sometimes flies by and drops a humanitarian drop and it contains good loot but I've spotted that it's more likely to be dropped near a Looter settlement and it can be very dangerous for a Civilian there.

Now about the problems this game has... I convinced my friend to buy it and he's been having nothing but trouble with this game. First of all, his FPS on the lowest possible graphic settings is just 20~36. That is very sad considering that his PC can run way more graphically demanding games. The game is very poorly optimized.

Overall the game still has a lot to fix but I'm happy where this game is going, I personally enjoy this game very much (would be nice if my friend could play it normally as well) and it's totally worth the €8.99.


EDIT: some of the problems stated in this review have been fixed and several new features to the game have been added in the UPDATE [04/08/2017].

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