polarbearo   Skowhegan, Maine, United States
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Because who doesn't love a splash of color?
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polarbearo goes canoeing

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bobftool 15 окт. в 16:49 
added to ask about one of your reggaelator
grizzlyBear 14 окт. в 5:42 
❤ Spooky Marshmallows ❤ 14 окт. в 5:41 
I love your demoman loadout, and u were fun to play with uwu~ :grwheart:
❤ Spooky Marshmallows ❤ 14 окт. в 5:40 
im debating if i should comment trash talk or a compliment
Majko. 13 окт. в 0:55 
Hi i want buy Unusual Reggaelator
Bewitching Nights 5 окт. в 8:03 
Not keen on the unusual unfortunately even with adds. Would need to be a different offer.