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Jun 11 @ 8:48am
In topic Ni no Kuni 1 Remaster on PC/PS4 ?
After filling 28 pages on this discussion page, our wish has come true. BRAVO!!!
Jun 8 @ 3:17pm
In topic Character Movement Sound
Unlike the previous game of the saga, in this game the character that we control does not emit any sound when moving. It may seem silly but I find it very strange.
Jun 8 @ 6:16am
In topic Ni no Kuni 1 Remaster on PC/PS4 ?
Thanks Namco Bandai.... thaaaaaanks!!!
May 24 @ 4:17am
In topic Spanish sub
Originally posted by Lifell:
The game is very well optimized. Getting 144 FPS (capped) on max settings with only "Heat Haze" and "Motion Blur" off.

Denuvo is♥♥♥♥♥♥but don't start making things up. "D3D Device Lost!" error has nothing to do with Denuvo.

Regardless, they should just remove it. It has no use and it's in the way. Played plenty of Denuvo games unfortunately (Denuvo just can't be trusted, so I'll just stop buying these games) and performance on most games was pretty horrible.

DMC5 had great performance but with the executable that removed Denuvo completely that was leaked I had a very large increase in FPS. I could play with a higher resolution than my monitor supported and get higher FPS. It's dumb.

I didn't buy a badass PC just to let it tear down by Denuvo >.>

Reread my message better, please. I said that the game gives an error and closes with Denuvo (Steam version) and without Denuvo (Origin version)
Originally posted by Rivery Jerald:
i haven't had any problems with Denuvo as the game is already well-optimised

Well I think that the game with and without Denuvo is not optimized at all (The version of Origin does not have Denuvo). Every 15-20 minutes the game closes or I get an error message, D3D Device Lost! And it is a problem that has been producing since the game was released.
May 16 @ 4:38am
In topic español?
Yeah, muchas thanks!!!
May 1 @ 4:48am
In topic Spanish subtitles
Apr 12 @ 3:02am
In topic Multilanguage support
+1. On the page of the Fanatical store, 10 languages are listed for the game. I have quickly visited the Steam page ... and I have seen the terrible and hard reality XD
Apr 8 @ 8:55am
In topic Where's the Spanish translation?
Apr 8 @ 6:00am
In topic Alguien para jugar?
Mi usuario es "huerguita", agrégame si te interesa hacer incursiones en la Zona Oscura ;)
Muchas gracias!
Apr 7 @ 4:48am
In topic Face Noir 2
+1 Bump!!!
Mar 25 @ 12:24pm
In topic Controller Bug...
I have the same problem.... Can you offer some kind of solution ??? I hope that for the port to Switch this has been fixed.
Originally posted by Impact Gameworks:
After so many requests we are looking into this actively now.

Now that your game is available in a HumbleBundle I assure you that many more Spanish-speaking people will be interested in him. ;)
Feb 26 @ 2:05am
In topic Translation project?
+1 Spanish
Feb 5 @ 1:22am
I just started the game and I was able to connect to the Uplay servers, it seems that it already works.
Feb 4 @ 2:19am
I have the same problem: I access the game but it does not connect to the Uplay servers.
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