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some japanese name   Nevada, United States
if i didnt need to sleep it would be pretty pog

quick SoiSauceToday at 23:24
Yo I’m so fcuking drink

Ezra: Your voice reminds me of one of those cats that has been lobotomized to make it nicer

halo 3 monkey family lf pog : yall let matt throw tennis balls at u?
yes : yes
LUCKY ME I SEE GHOSTS : our demo is 'ongal'

WolfyToday at 04:59

Pozi: あとマジで焼き鳥焼くから


1ingame 700dpi
{DAT} .tv/podgy713 : are you gonna pause or
(Voice) sushi: MEDIC!
weed eater : we arent bitches
[Pause] Game was paused by borger mode
[TFTrue] The game was paused by borger mode.
weed eater : oh
sushi : o
weed eater : I guess we are
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sushi quit tf2???
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you make my a$$ itch