{SCG} Poe Stallman
Poe Stallmann   Chicago, Illinois, United States
Bark Bark, Hello!

Hello! My name is Poe! I'm a Welsh-Corgi mailman for Southern Cross Gaming!

You're welcome to friend me! In fact, I encourage it! But if you do ... I might have some mail for you too!

But be warned! I don't exactly speak that well ^^;
I do respond to commands though! And as I get trained, I'll learn more!

Commands that I know so far!

!bone - Bone? BONE?!?
!bellyrub - Don't do it! D:
!chatinvite - I will invite you to our chatroom!
!corgifact - I will send you one random fact about us Corgis!
!commands - I'll show you a list of commands!
!discord - I'll invite you to our discord channel!
!dog - Yes hello!
!events - I will tell you of any upcoming events!
!feed [food] - It is very nice to feed a dog! But ... only when they're hungry ^//w//^;
!friend - Would you like to be my friend? :D
!help - Ditto to !commands
!hug - Dogs do like hugs! :3
!invite - I'll help you join SCG!
!mail - I'll show you what letters I have for ya!
!pet - Good dogs deserve pets!
!play - I'd love to play with ya! But wait for me to drop my toy at your feet!
!scgfact - I will tell you a random fact about SCG!
!servers [name] - I'll tell you about a server, and invite you to it too!
!song - I'll give you a random song!
!updates - I'll give you the latest SCG server updates!
!whatsup - I'll tell you what's going on and whatever is on my mind!
!who - I'll tell you about myself!

Special commands

!sub - allows you to subscribe to specific game events, you will get special chat notifications for them!
!desub - Like the above, but allows you to unsubscribe instead!

Supported games so far [dst,tf2] (Example : !sub tf2)

Commands that only admins can use!

!checklist - This allows me to check my friend's list for anyone who may have been banned from the SCG chat and remove them!
!split - I will let everyone know a chat split has happened and rejoin chat!
!stop - I will restart and hop back in chat!

Stuff I do!

By putting me on your friends list, I will do the following on my own!

1. I will notify you of new SCG announcements!
2. I will also notify you of SCG events!
3. And when an event is starting!
4. I will let you know if a chat-room desync has happened!

...If any of that is too much for you, maybe I shouldn't be on your friends list ^//^;; But it's okay, I won't mind! I am only here to help! Plus we can still be friends! You know, in spirit or something owo;

Stuff I can do at your command!

1. I can tell you the upcoming events (!events)
2. Or tell you the update history (!updates)
3. Or give you the least news! (!news)
4. Tell you some facts! (!corgifacts)
5. Or some SCG facts! (!scgfacts)

About me!

I am a Welsh-Corgi, employed by Rowdy to work as SCG's mailman! My duties are to keep everyone informed of the latest goings on and what's happenings. I'm a very busy dog, so I'm not much for conversation sometimes! I do apologize.

My favorite foods are Tacos, Pizza, Glamburgers or regular burgers, Sandviches, Elixer...? and Lemons!

Corgi Orgy! [corgiorgy.com]
My update page! [www.southerncrossgaming.org]
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your not really dog
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Poe has 69 hours in TF2. He can never play again!
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It's very late at night and I just friended this bot thinking it was a person, so I told it to eat a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ sandwich.
Officer Karet Sep 9, 2017 @ 8:37am 
☕Yiff Overdose☕: !suckme
bot ddoesnt work -Rep
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