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+ The puzzles are GREAT (minus Late Fees)! What DOES exist for gameplay is very enjoyable and I look forward to more content being released in this manner. I only wish there was more of it.
+ The designs of the characters was very cool to me. I like the art style of the game overall, and I appreciate on a personal level the amount of older male characters with facial hair (always a plus in my book, haha)

- The game is SEVERELY unpolished.
- The game is SHOCKINGLY short, the main game clocking in at an average 1.5-2 hours on a second-time playthrough. My first playthrough was around 4 hours.
- The game's characters are not very developed, and the story is barren.
- The A.I. is functional, but NOT as marketed, and breaks a LOT (I would not focus so heavily on this if it was not the main selling point of the game).
- The whole game lacks in content and does not make up for the price it is being sold at.
- The two DLC levels are clearly unfinished, one of them does not even have an ending and I do not think they should have been released in the state that they are currently in now.
- The parkour returns in the DLCs, and it has not improved.
- The story in the DLCs is vague at best, and nonexistent elsewhere. (One of them is missing an ending)
- The amount of game content that I received for this amount of money overall was NOT worth it.

I do not recommend buying Hello Neighbor 2.
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