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Diabolik Jul 23, 2015 @ 2:29pm 
Amigo como estas !
Shadow_Ninja Jan 1, 2015 @ 8:28pm 
Happy new Year. Have a great 2015.
[=ΩH=] Magnus Apr 14, 2014 @ 9:36pm 
hi pocky
Shadow_Ninja Jan 1, 2014 @ 7:42pm 
Happy New Year Pocky. Best wishes for 2014.
JOHNHINKLEYWORLDTOUR Aug 16, 2013 @ 12:25am 
Hey. Sorry about my rather... contemptible behavior earlier. I had had an anxiety attack while we were talking (TF2 has that effect; I don't know why I play that infernal game. It really does turn my into a different person.) and I basically lost control. It's strange, because normally I'm more self-aware than that. Anyway, I hope I didn't cause you any distress, and I hope that this won't be too problematic. Cheers.

bumbibanane Aug 10, 2013 @ 9:18am 
+rep nice raffler! :=) :terraria: