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i make custom weapon skins for payday 2. most of them are crap because i'm still learning, and as a result i have yet to put any on the workshop due to lack of self-confidence, but if you're still interested in using them you can download them here [] and then apply them in-game by installing BeardLib and then dropping this folder into your mod_overrides folder. currently, not all the skins i've made publicly available are in that repository, because i actually have to port them from usable workshop format to BeardLib format first, but the repository updates itself so i can add the rest as i have time and you won't miss out on anything. hooray!

i also do mods for payday 2. i'm a LOT newer to lua coding than i am to general use of GIMP, so there aren't anywhere near as many of these things that i'm confident in publishing as there are skins, but hey at least this way i can make sure these things aren't gonna brick your game if you use them. most of my mods can be found on my previously-linked modworkshop profile, but ones that i haven't uploaded to mws (or can't for various reasons) can be found in this drive folder: taargle's stupid mods []

i'll add more things here as needed but for now that's all i really have to say ok thanks bye

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carl ruins everything Jan 8 @ 12:37pm 
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more like you're a ♥♥♥♥ing mistake lmao

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i am shodan
carl ruins everything Jan 8 @ 5:39am 
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oh, are you a husbando?