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Originally posted by TRON:
I just saw a thread on the subreddit that discovered 3rd person in the shooting range.
(Driver seat)

Oh that is awesome
Is that possible? First person is nice and all but in the range I want to be able to see my vehicle in action.

Shift+p doesn't work for this purpose obviously, is there anything else? A console command I can use?
May 2 @ 12:57pm
In topic based
and animepilled
Jan 29 @ 10:23am
In topic Can we get a sandbox mode/map creator.
Map creator would definetly extend the life of this game
Jan 29 @ 8:38am
In topic Metro Exodus...
from steam
Jan 27 @ 1:52pm
In topic Who want's a copy
mite b cool
Jan 25 @ 12:32pm
In topic Mouse and Keyboard flight controls
Originally posted by dml!:
Well considering they said "most missions are doable and you’ll just need to tweak your mouse sensitivity accordingly"

Good point, what else could that refer to besides flight controls, though theres a possibility that means camera sensitivity only and flight is keyboard only... can't rule that out but maybe they would have specified that then if that was the case though.

I just really hope both camera free look and flight is controllable from the mouse with keyboard flight controls for good measure and more instant response just like in War Thunder, that's the ideal mouse/keyboard flight setup right there.
Jan 24 @ 9:52am
In topic Mouse and Keyboard flight controls
After playing games like War Thunder with its mouse aim mode that lets you fly and control the camera with the mouse freelook I can't go back to keyboard only flight controls.
Jan 24 @ 9:35am
In topic Mouse and Keyboard flight controls
Originally posted by dml!:
I don't think there are any solid details yet. The best I can offer is from this review ( ) which says:

I really wish he would show a screenshot of what mouse controls if any there are because judging from this screen it looks like flight will only be possible via keyboard, without being able to use the mouse axes for flight or even the camera view, I really hope thats not the case though
Jan 23 @ 2:21pm
In topic Mouse and Keyboard flight controls
Do we have any idea how they're going to work? Will it be something like War Thunder's mouse aim mode? That works fairly well for PC mouse flight, as I'd hate if they only let you move the plane with WASD instead of mouse, theres no precision with that kind of control scheme.

Since this isn't DCS world we're talking about I really hope that neither a gamepad/controller nor joystick will be required to fully enjoy the expert flight mode, but since we don't know what the PC flight controls will be like I'm a little hesitent to pre-order, yet I do want that sweet F-4E Phantom II, what a pain..
Jan 23 @ 2:05pm
In topic THI
There's free flight mode at least, but apparently its on a 30 minute time limit in this game wtf
Dec 25, 2018 @ 9:09am
In topic Is it enough to just remove the metadata file?
Originally posted by Zappy:
and unsubscribe from the workshop submission (provided that it's still available on the workshop).

So far every model I've done this for was already removed from the workshop and nothing I unsubscribed from directly, so I figured no harm done in removing the metadata file and then just letting the workshop file sit where it was, I back them all up anyways in a seperate folder not in the SFM directory just in case but so far no issues with this method.

Originally posted by Zappy:
unless you subscribe to/unsubscribe from a Source Filmmaker Steam workshop submission that has one or more files with the same file-paths and -names as one or more files of the workshop submission that you're trying to keep safe.
Hmm, I'll keep that in mind then, thanks.
Dec 24, 2018 @ 12:28pm
In topic Is it enough to just remove the metadata file?
So that the deleted workshop item doesn't get deleted, and no longer shows up on the "removed workshop items" popup on start, and remains in your workshop folder regardless.

It seems to work so far, but I don't know if some unforeseen issue will remove them anyways from the workshop folder sometime later so I'm backing them up just in case
Dec 22, 2018 @ 12:00pm
In topic This is just a mod for AC4 Black Flag
prove me wrong
Is it possible to use FreePIE alone just to have adittional mouse button inputs like M4/M5 and get them recognized in game? Or do I have to download all the programs listed just to do that? Since I already have button press dodge set up with AutoHotkey I was hoping I could skip that whole emulating step at least if its not required just to be able to use M4/M5 in game.

Basically is the vJoy stuff required or can I ignore it and just use the .py script to add M4/M5 and other control inputs that the game doesn't recognize?
When you scroll down in game you have the quick item use menu but it only contains small and medium recovery items, in order to use those other items like melee attack up/melee defense up, impact bracer, etc you have to press delete, scroll down to Use Items and then select them and return to the game, why aren't these items just in the quick scroll menu like the health items that don't require you to pause the game to use them?

Is there a way to add them to the quick scroll item menu?

This is so annoying, I already set my preferences to allow all types of mature content but I still get age-gated and get this "warning" message whenever I go to the relevant game store page, its so annoying, is there any way to fix this or is it a bug on Steams end?
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