Don't let your dreams be dreams - italics

I am unbearably sad;
this has to change;

A letter to my old friends;

I have not died;
I have stopped gaming;
we will all only live once; we will all one day be dead;

Long term I am aiming to be a vegan, sober, non-gamer, exercising, positive, and living by my convictions;
/ living simply, in a desert, with a home and friends and the means to travel;
/ living off of very small amounts of money;
/ spending the majority of my time on creative and personal ventures;
/ I am writing this to acknowledge and announce that my life needs change,
/ I am writing this to lend you my words
/ take them, use them, they are yours;
/ embrace those apprehensions about how your life is continuing;

gaming has consumed my life;
it is not something I can do for a little bit of my day;
once I start, I play and play until I am a new person,
/who has forgotten their past obligations,
/who has neglected friends,
/who barely pays bills,
/who is unattractive and distant,
/who is distracted and unable to focus;

I need to be brave;

Departing from gaming, I hope, will allow me to make more of my art , write more poetry, finish my novel, and make more videos.

I am a social creature; solitary nomadism is a masculine fallacy;

Laugh, cry, wince all you want; it was watching the sun rise at Burning Man that I realised I need to love myself and cherish my friends;

/On the dust pan; Some edge; A parade of troglodytes;
/The plane swings and wanes;
/The light does its thing;
/Copy-paste culture fossils;

look at your body, it is yours, you own it,
it is a worker, it is a machine, and you can take it where you want;

I want to get a tattoo of
on my foot;

I want for my body to slide between the garbage;
I owe myself a history;
I owe myself that crappy metaphor;
I would really love for Julia Carlson to do it;
[her wise words] goodbye, have a nice life, go fuck yourself;

I want to thank you all for the laughs and times spent together, to apologise for the times that I raged [or sucked], I have a place for all of you in my heart;

aka, Tom Duggan

instagram: tom55945

Hours played:

7 Days to Die: 879 hours
Age of Empires 2: 20 hours
Atom Zombie Smasher: 29 hours
Borderlands: 14 hours
Counter-Strike: Source: 497 hours
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: 1972 hours + 198 hours in a second account; total 2170 hours
The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion: 29 hours
The Forest: 10 hours
Garry's Mod: 146 hours
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: 40 hours
Half-Life 2: 12 hours
Hitman: Blood Money: 30 hours
Hitman: Absolution: 49 hours
Hitman: Sniper Challenge: 11 hours
Killing Floor: 15 hours
left 4 Dead: 321 hours
Left 4 Dead 2: 851 hours [RIP Nanx]
Max Payne: 17 hours
Osmos: 14 hours
Plants Vs Zombies: 74 hours
Portal: 23 hours
Portal 2: 21 hours
Prison Architect: 85 hours
Team Fortress 2: 1028 hours
The Walking Dead: 19 hours
The Walking Dead: Season 2: 15 hours

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