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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Nov 29 @ 6:01am

Master of Fire

Discover all fire spells
Unlocked Nov 29 @ 6:38am

Master of Water

Discover all water spells
Unlocked Dec 2 @ 7:02am

Master of Earth

Discover all earth spells
Unlocked Dec 1 @ 6:18pm

Master of Air

Discover all air spells
Unlocked Dec 3 @ 7:40am

Master of Void

Discover all void spells
Unlocked Nov 28 @ 4:57pm

First Blood

Dont be a Batman - do it!
Unlocked Nov 28 @ 5:28pm

First Great Hero

Hire a 4 star hero
Unlocked Nov 28 @ 5:07pm

First Defeat

You can't be a winner all the time
Unlocked Nov 28 @ 5:01pm

First Major Victory

Flawless victory - no casualties
Unlocked Nov 28 @ 5:15pm

First Craft

Do something useful. DOIT!
Unlocked Dec 6 @ 7:56am

Warp Master

Warp a few times
Unlocked Dec 5 @ 6:44am

Big Sword owner

Find and restore a famous weapon. Get Warping Power increase.
Unlocked Nov 28 @ 5:51pm


Find and 'pet' at least 10 sheep
Unlocked Dec 12 @ 6:30am


Sacrifice a weak one to make your army stronger
Unlocked Dec 14 @ 7:11am

Collection 'Messanger'

Collect the whole set
Unlocked Dec 7 @ 9:02pm

Worthy One

Craft a weapon that only the worthy can wield
Unlocked Dec 15 @ 7:14am

Dark Army

Come to dark side. We have cookies. And extra spell slot.
Unlocked Dec 12 @ 6:52am

Vampire Slayer

Find and kill all of famous vampires


Veni Vidi Vici!

Dimension Boss

Clear a whole other dimension. Get Warping Power increase.

Collection 'Artist'

Collect the whole set

Collection 'Engineer'

Collect the whole set

Collection 'Supporter'

Collect the whole set

Collection 'R`ha'

Collect the whole set

Collection 'Grim Reaper'

Collect the whole set