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PIXELTRADE | Extended Leveling Service
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PIXELTRADE | Trade & Leveling Service

+ You can start leveling your Steam Account or exchange Cards ⇆ Keys.
+ You can buy instantly random Steam Games to add them to your Account.
+ Every 20th Trade will receive a free Steam Game as Gift via Steam Message :)

:Survive: General Commands

!help = Get more informations how to use the Bot.
!level [X] = Check how many CardSets you need to reach Level [X].
!owner = Show the owners SteamProfile.
!steamgroup = Send you an invite to our SteamGroup.
!website = Show our Website.

:Survive: Buy Games for Keys

!gameinfo = Shows you general Informations about buying Games.
!gamecheck = Checking how many Games we have in stock to sell.
!gamebuy [X] = Sends you an offer with the amount of Keys you want to sell.
!gamesellkeys [X] = Checking how many Games you can get for [X] Keys.

:Survive: Buy&Sell Cards for Keys

!cardinfo = Shows you general Informations about buying Cards.
!cardcheck [X] = Check how many CardSets you can buy for [X] CS:GO Keys.
!cardsellcheck = Check how many CardSets you can sell for [X] CS:GO Keys.
!cardsell [X] = Sell CardSets and get [X] CS:GO Keys.
!cardbuy [X] = Buy incomplete CardSets for [X] CS:GO Keys.
!cardbuyany [X] = Buy any CardSets for [X] CS:GO Keys.

:Survive: Information

If you get issues while buying gamekeys you should wait atleast 15 Minutes before contacting the Administration .
Sometimes it takes a few minutes before your Games will arrive via Steam Chat.
We guarantee to solve every issue to your full pleasure!

Team Pixeltrade!
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Pixel Trade is Online again !
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hey pixel trade are you okey ?
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Pixel trade is dead :(
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Flawless Wings of Samjoko Mar 11 @ 9:01pm 
Thank you for the sets!