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Personal Achievements

Unbelievably Boring F**k

Say 7 incredibly boring things

Hyperstellar Law Official

Say 7 deranged superstar lines

The Opener Of The Eighth Seal

Warn them of the coming end 8 times

Literally The Sorriest Cop On Earth

Apologize 10 (!!!) times

Biggest Communism Builder

Employ critical theory 9 times

Truly Rabid "Traditionalist"

Say 10 "traditionalist" things

The World's Most Laughable Centrist

Defend the political centre 7 times

Baddest Hustler In The Neoliberal Hood

Preach free market for 9 times

Expert Advanced Remote Viewer

See beyond the veil 6 times

Massive Torque Dork

Yack about machines 4 times

Il Coppo Del'Arte!

Say 5 Art Cop lines

The Most Honourable Cop in The Land

Gather 11 honour points

Enemy Of The Physical Realm

Bang up 5 inanimate objects

The Lawbringer

Say you're the law 7 times

Baddest Of the Bad Cops

Hit an all time low with Kim

Goodest Of The Good Cops

Really get Kim to trust you

Recruit Detective Kim Kitsuragi

Precinct 57's finest

The Figurines Won't Win Her Back

They do nothing

Fairweather t-500 Vitreous Enamel 

Suit up. Head to toe.

Venture into the HARDCORE


True Detective

Finish the game in HARDCORE mode

Avowed Inframaterialist

Don't call it a book club.

The Icebreaker

You can still move your face with your fingers.

Networthy Individual

Every day you're husslin'...

Committee of la Responsabilité

Someone should do something about this.

What body?

Solve the case without even inspecting the body.

Medal dispenser

Here, just have one, they're free.

Hardie's Heroes

Pour one out for social democracy

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