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Petting Zoo

Pet Onbu
Unlocked Jan 24 @ 3:06am


Build the Survival Monument
Unlocked Jan 24 @ 2:52am

Dry Spell

Survive until day 100 without building any Air Wells
Unlocked Jan 27 @ 2:44am

The Wandering City

Reach a population of at least 200 villagers
Unlocked Jan 25 @ 4:12am


Feed Onbu with the Onbu Feeding Trebuchet
Unlocked Jan 24 @ 3:07am

Berry Good

Achieve 100% efficiency with a Berry Gatherer
Unlocked Jan 24 @ 2:45am

Master Gatherer

Survive until day 100 without building any Farms
Unlocked Jan 27 @ 2:44am

Full Body Shave

Cut down every tree on Onbu’s back
Unlocked Jan 24 @ 3:45am

Doki Doki Waku Waku

Get Onbu's heartrate to go above 6 bpm
Unlocked Jan 24 @ 3:10am

Unfortunate Son

Lose a villager on a scavenging mission
Unlocked Jan 25 @ 4:31am


Produce Black Pudding
Unlocked Jan 24 @ 2:48am

Spa Day

Pet, feed, heal and detox Onbu within one day

The Wandering Metropolis

Reach a population of at least 500 villagers

Strict Diet

Survive until day 100 while using the Onbu Feeding Trebuchet a maximum of 3 times

Agricultural Revolution

Survive until day 100 without harvesting any Berries

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