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How I ruined my life [pastebin.com]

creep takes a screenshot of 3 min long videocall with webcam pointing at keyboard, brags to a friend of mine that if pic comes out it would ruin my life. (check it on https://imgur.com/a/kR39W ) . used pic as steam avatar. kid got tilted and removed everyone.

For the old folks, It's LoGa -_-, LOGA, not:
Olga -by Signs and Yogurt
Lola -by Signs
Boga -by Biohazard
Logo -by Toni
Login -by every funny ass I've met.

L-O-G-A. geez.

Codeine Cobain: women are really good at strategery.

yuice: those are the names of 3 important men that went around pregnantizing women in india
(everyone): pregnantize?
yuice: pregnancize
(everyone): pregnancize????
yuice: ....hold on let me rephrase that, that did not come out right

*in mumble*
mumble chat - [19:03:42] (Channel) SCOUT: redd: ive nvr even seen a female irl
(in voice) redd - idk why i typed that , i could have just said it out loud

aZr: f u c k i n g laggin w h o r e
aZr: i love you tho

scar: it's so cute, the fact that you're blind

Scar:they don't call me iban l'autiste for nothing

Munky lf apex friends:you are like lil barking chichaoua

yohn: i've been to lisbon, it's such a wonderful country

bink°: what do i buuuuuuuuuy?
boo°: A pair of balls
boo°: I mean what

19:26:18 Pittsburgh: whatcha gonna give me today?
19:26:25 Foxyfluff: a bj :3
19:26:28 Pittsburgh: pls do
19:26:38 Pittsburgh: with a ribbon on your hair and singing happy birthday
19:26:52 Foxyfluff: You have fetishes compatible with mine.
19:26:55 Foxyfluff: Duly noted.

concrete - sabes as pringles de sagre e vinal?

starved- tu nao és uma gaja, tu és trolha

Biohazard: Quando é que não tas a comer??

AlpacaSlut: 20:19 - Bajer: shes so sexy
20:20 - Bajer: i want have sexy with you and her in the same tam
he Main Event...by Dilated Peoples

Skates: yeah so
Skates: i kinda wanna fap so
Skates: I'm not gonna play, sorry

Tatty G: let me sh ittalk you in discord

Chamona: Fight me
Pitts: fite me
Chamona: what do you think i joined this lobby for?
Chamona: make friends?
Pitts: ye boi
Pitts: u need some
Pitts: and a microphone
Chamona: i have 250+
Chamona: and a mic
Pitts: then use it you ♥♥♥♥
Chamona: NO
Chamona: that's literally sending nudes

9-V Shadow: he was a d ick
9-V Shadow: i like d ick
9-V Shadow: but that wasn't the kind of d ick i like

Sir Quantum: Dude I'm so hyped for tomorrow
Pitts*: why
Sir Quantum: I'm making a fake vagina

ˢᵀ⋅ᶫᵒᵍᵃ: who do you want to marry
ᵇᶦᶰᵏ: jesus christ our lord and saviour

shenanigan: you are really a filthy piece of trash,loga

vex: yo this ♥♥♥♥ is hoghkey carbage

cre-8 is back!: oi pitts. i dont know you but you seem like a brave man
cre-8 is back!: you wanna challenge me in my own battlefield?

yak : Donuskuss : i asked troy but hes banned cuz he called pitts a virgin

(in mumble)
[6:57:45 AM] (Channel) POCKET: Console-: shhhh
[6:57:52 AM] (Channel) POCKET: Console-: wait nvm i can deafen

https://twitter.com/young_sanity/status/1330989011960279043?s=20 - gold tweets

07:05:41 Be More: pittsburgh is a scared little ♥♥♥♥♥ is why he bans me from lobbies

18:31:36 Pittsburgh: WHY U LEAVING MY TEAM
18:31:37 Pittsburgh: ♥♥♥♥♥
18:31:43 petridish: who else will spoon u
18:31:46 petridish: :3
18:32:06 Pittsburgh: phrasing, coo coo. phrasing.
18:32:25 petridish: no, im little spoon
18:32:38 Pittsburgh: U AIN'T NO SPOON , COO COO
18:32:44 petridish: ur big spoon

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aZr: f u c k i n g laggin w h o r e
aZr: i love you tho