❤ sʏʟᴠᴇᴏɴ ❤
the drivers in this state suck   Boston, Massachusetts, United States
If random people I don't know add me does that mean i'm famous?
I also like meeting new people.
this is my trading link for anyone viewing my profile
I know I have like, ten bajillion friends, so message me if you ever wanna talk, I probably won't bite.

people keep telling me i have an mpd or something like that

I like to play heavy a lot, and my dream unusual for him is a Cloud 9 Siberian Facehugger.

Quote wall:

6:24 PM - majian: how about u play with mine
6:24 PM - ❤ sʏʟᴠᴇᴏɴ ❤ #TF2SP: no
6:24 PM - majian: good job
6:24 PM - majian: you failed the gay test
6:24 PM - majian: now go fuck yourelf
6:25 PM - majian: WHA HAVE I DONE
6:25 PM - majian: DONT FUCK HIM PLEASE
6:25 PM - majian: FUCK

9:51 PM - Drunkard is pig digusting: jesus christ
9:51 PM - Drunkard is pig digusting: just masturbate already

Hiya there, you can call me Dell, somehow, you found my profile. Hooray! Add me if you want, I really dont mind, I just love meeting new people, and the color pink! :balloonicorn:

I also love making people feel better about them selves when they're feeling blue, its really all I try to do when i'm not playing video games. My favorite pokemon is also sylveon. Because pink. :pinkheart:

Same things that make us laugh, make us cry.

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Heyo, my name's Sylveon, but, you can just call me Syl, or Sylv. If you're here to be friends, you can gladly press the add button if you want! Then i'll probably send you an invite to my friends group or something like that. But anyway, I like the color pink if you can't tell, and I also absolutely love sylveon too, obviously. Although I personally like vaporeons more. :larry:

If you wanna add me on discord, my tag is Syl#0420

Fun Facts About Me:


My favorite colors are Pink, Blue, and Mint.

I also love cooking food, especially if its for my friends! As well as getting gifts for my friends, even if they say I shouldn't get them anything.

Recieving gifts, although, I usually get scared of accepting certain things because I might not enjoy it, and then the person that gave me the gift will be sad, but, they'll also be sad if I don't accept the gift. It's a really hard decision to make at times.

TF2 Stuff:

Main: Heavy
Secondary: Engi or Scout
Favorite Gamemode: Mann Vs. Machine
Favorite Paint: Pink.
Favorite Cosmetic: Flashdance Footies
Favorite Weapon: Tomislav
Dream Weapon: Strange FN DP Pro Ks Minigun, or a Hot Pro Ks Minigun.
Favorite Heavy Main: Bearded Expense, although I favor all other heavy main equally.

Also, fun fact, there's a group of 4 people i'd like to once again be friends with one day again, at least, once they get their heads out of their asses and realize the mistake they made, but until that day comes, or, if it ever does, i'll be absolutely fine just so they know when they're looking at my profile every so often.

Also, I absolutely love to play TF2, although I don't much any more due to being busy working and whatnot, i'll gladly join you in some mvm if you want, I love that game mode especially. Deathrun has lost its touch once I lost a couple friends who turned out to be brainwashed, just like the last bunch I lost. But, that's not really of much importance anyway.

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discord light theme
cotts Aug 18 @ 10:33am 
it begins somewhere in 18th of june or idk
Halo 1080p Aug 18 @ 7:58am 
Just read the previous comments if you wanna find out.
💔Flareon💔 Aug 18 @ 7:54am 
what happend? o . o
⛧ Furling ⛧ Aug 16 @ 10:36am 
I'm getting concerned
Black Condom Aug 10 @ 11:29am