TiffanyAnn   Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
Crossed over to ps4 gaming. Psn is PeachesNCreme87. I play a lot of fornite, my epic name is the same as my psn.

"Great minds enjoy excellence, average minds love mediocrity and small minds adore comfort zones."

Mommy to 3 amazing kids!

Aa'Niyah 12yrs
Leonidas 2yrs
Atom 1yr


"I'll seek you out.Flay you alive. One more word and you won't survive
And I'm not scared. Of your stolen power. I see right through you any hour"


What is today's date? Sept 26, 2016

What time is it right now?1:31 a.m


Nicknames? SugarTits, TT, and my favorite Mommy

Where do you live? Oklahoma, USA

What's your age? 29

Hair color? natural blonde

Eye color? Different shades of blue

Height? 5' 2"

Shoe size? 7

Date of Birth? September 16, 1987

What's your star sign? Virgo

Element? Earth

How many siblings? 3 all older

How many pets? 2 dogs, Bowser & Fatso

Obsessions? Csgo, Collecting comic books & Deathnote

Bad habits? saying the word fuck

Phobias? Losing my Kids & spiders!

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Hi Sugar! <3
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a girl gamer? ewwww
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