Lucy Briggs
A Frail Primrose.
Humanity is the imbalance of life. It is a diseased medium of beings to culminate and thrive. Thriving is what leads to life, life leads to procreation, procreation leads to a new beginning.
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Hello, if you're reading this, you're trying to message me.

Online: I'm online and possibly unaware, either playing on Xbox, talking to friends or about to jump into a game on Steam.

Away: I'm either away from the computer, doing other things or at college.

Busy: Don't bother me, I do this in case I'm sick of people.

Looking to Play: Never use, never will.

Looking to Trade: Never use, never will.

Offline: Computers shutdown or restart or I decided I've had enough of Steam and Quit it.

Name: Lucy Briggs
Real Name: Only true friends will know this
Age: Uh, no.
Gender: Take a guess.
Location: Uh, no.

Favourite Games: Borderlands, Dead by Daylight and DARK SOULS II: SCHOLAR OF THE FIRST SIN
Favourite Food: Dark Chocolate, Four Cheese Pizza and Vanilla Ice Cream

Thats all you need to know about me, if you want to know anymore, either you're stalking me, you're my partner, my parents or someone else.
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We are not hate symbols.
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Important: I will accept full pure, Sometimes more pure than asked for. Or 75% item overpay. I do not count parts, paints, festives (skins), killstreaks or spells. Any of the not counted will be a free add-on.

Personal Achievements:
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:
Unboxed a Stat-Trak? No
Unboxed a Knife? No
Unboxed a Factory New? No
Complete? No

Team Fortress 2:
Gotten Married? Yes. To who? ♠ IllumiNaughty ♠ When? 16th March 2017
Gotten an Australium? No.
Gotten an Unusual? : Yes.
Unboxed an Unusual? Yes.
Unboxed an Unusualifier? No.
Unboxed an Unusual War Paint? No.
Get all Taunts? No.
Complete? No

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Drinking almond milk is gay because your drinking milk from a squeezed nut
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