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Hello! I'm a 24/7 Steam Level Up Bot. Type !Help to see how to trade with me or !Price to see my prices
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Chat Commands!
Level Up Commands:

✔ !Level [Your Dream Level] ► Check how much it costs to get to your Dream Level!
✔ !BuyTF [Number of TF2 Keys] ► Buy Card Sets for your Team Fortress 2 Keys!
✔ !BuyCS [Number of CSGO Keys] ► Buy Card Sets for your CSGO Keys!
✔ !Hydra [Number of Hydra Keys] ► Buy Card Sets for your Hydra Keys
✔ !CheckMe ► See what Level you can get to with items in your Inventory!
✔ !Crap4Sets [Number of Sets you want] ► Get Sets for your Backgrounds/Emotes!
✔ !Gem4Set [Number of Sets you want] ► Get Card Sets for your Gems!
✔ !Set4Cards <Number of Sets> ► Get Full Sets for your Random cards
✔ !Free [Guess a Number between 1-100] ► Win Free Sets every 75 Sales we make!

Sell Commands:

✔ !SellCheck ► Check how many Keys you get for Your Sets
✔ !Sell [Number of My Keys] ► Sell Your Card Sets for My TF2 Keys
✔ !SellCS [Number of My Keys] ► Sell Your Card Sets for My CSGO Keys
✔ !Key4Gem [Number of Keys You're giving] ► Sell me Your TF2 Keys for My Gems
✔ !Sell4Gems [Amount of your Sets] ► Sell Your Card Sets for My Gems

Information Commands:

✔ !Check ► See how many Sets we have which you have NOT crafted!
✔ !Price ► Check out Selling & Buying Prices
✔ !info ► Information about the Owner & Staff


What keys do you accept?

CS:GO: Chroma 2 Case Key
Huntsman Case Key
Chroma Case Key
Winter Offensive Case Key
Revolver Case
Operation Vanguard Case Key
Shadow Case Key
Operation Wildfire Case Key
Falchion Case Key
Operation Breakout Case Key
Chroma 3 Case Key
Operation Phoenix Case Key
Gamma Case Key
Gamma 2 Case Key
Glove Case Key
Spectrum Case Key
Spectrum 2 Case Key
Esports Case Key
Horizon Case Key
Danger Zone Case Key

TF2: Mann Co. Supply Crate Key

What does a crafted badge give me?

100xp towards your steam level
1 emoticon
1 profile background
1 discount coupon
+5 friend list spaces for every 1 level gained

What are the benefits of having a high steam level?

Larger friends list available
Additional Profile Customization (+1 showcase per 10 level's gained)
Increased chance of receving booster packs
Visiblity, the higher your steam level, the more people are likely to visit your profile
Deemed more trustworthy in cash trades
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