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𝙅𝙪𝙨𝙩 𝙖 𝙪𝙨𝙚𝙧 𝙖𝙢𝙤𝙣𝙜𝙨𝙩 𝙤𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙨...

𝙇𝙤𝙘𝙖𝙩𝙚𝙙 𝙞𝙣 𝙁𝙞𝙣𝙡𝙖𝙣𝙙
𝙄𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙙 𝙞𝙣 𝙛𝙞𝙡𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜, 𝙥𝙝𝙤𝙩𝙤𝙜𝙧𝙖𝙥𝙝𝙮, 𝙚𝙨𝙥𝙤𝙧𝙩𝙨 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙢𝙤𝙩𝙤𝙧𝙨𝙥𝙤𝙧𝙩𝙨


𝙂𝙞𝙜𝙖𝙗𝙮𝙩𝙚 𝙂𝙖𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙜 3 𝙕97𝙓-𝙈𝙤𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙗𝙤𝙖𝙧𝙙.
𝙄𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙡 𝘾𝙤𝙧𝙚 𝙞7-4790𝙆-𝘾𝙋𝙐 𝙎𝙩𝙖𝙗𝙡𝙚 @ 4,50𝙂𝙃𝙯.
𝙉𝙤𝙘𝙩𝙪𝙖 𝙉𝙃-𝙐𝘽9 𝙎𝙀2-𝘾𝙋𝙐 𝘾𝙤𝙤𝙡𝙚𝙧.
𝘾𝙧𝙪𝙘𝙞𝙖𝙡 𝘽𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙭(8𝙜𝙗) +𝙎𝙖𝙢𝙨𝙪𝙣𝙜 (16𝙜𝙗 𝙠𝙞𝙩) = 24𝙂𝘽-𝙍𝘼𝙈 @1600𝙈𝙃𝙯.
𝙈𝙎𝙞 𝙂𝙚𝙁𝙤𝙧𝙘𝙚 𝙂𝙏𝙓760 𝙂𝙖𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙏𝙬𝙞𝙣 𝙁𝙧𝙤𝙯𝙧 2𝙂𝘽-𝙂𝙋𝙐.
3+2 𝙁𝙖𝙣𝙨 & 𝙍𝙂𝘽 𝙇𝙀𝘿𝙨

𝙕𝙤𝙬𝙞𝙚 𝙁𝙆1-𝙈𝙤𝙪𝙨𝙚.
𝙇𝙤𝙜𝙞𝙩𝙚𝙘𝙝 𝙆740 𝙄𝙡𝙡𝙪𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙖𝙩𝙚𝙙-𝙆𝙚𝙮𝙗𝙤𝙖𝙧𝙙.
𝙈𝙎𝙄 𝙊𝙥𝙩𝙞𝙭 𝙈𝘼𝙂321𝘾𝙌𝙍-𝙢𝙤𝙣𝙞𝙩𝙤𝙧
𝙃𝙮𝙥𝙚𝙧𝙓 𝘾𝙡𝙤𝙪𝙙 𝙄𝙄-𝙃𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙨𝙚𝙩.
𝘽𝙡𝙪𝙚 𝙔𝙚𝙩𝙞 𝙉𝙖𝙣𝙤 𝙬/ 𝘽𝙤𝙤𝙢 𝙖𝙧𝙢 & 𝙥𝙤𝙥 𝙛𝙞𝙡𝙩𝙚𝙧
𝙇𝙤𝙜𝙞𝙩𝙚𝙘𝙝 𝙂920 & 𝙃-𝙎𝙝𝙞𝙛𝙩𝙚𝙧-𝙒𝙝𝙚𝙚𝙡.
𝙋𝙡𝙖𝙮𝙨𝙚𝙖𝙩 𝙀𝙫𝙤𝙡𝙪𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 𝘼𝙡𝙘𝙖𝙣𝙩𝙖𝙧𝙖
𝘿𝙄𝙔 𝘼𝙣𝙖𝙡𝙤𝙜 𝙝𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙗𝙧𝙖𝙠𝙚

:csgoa:And NO I wont trade you my knife or anything else in my inventory for that matter!!:csgob:

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依実俐窪 Aug 11 @ 7:41am 
+rep Mä rakastan sua niin saattanasti <3
Xx_AlhpaDora_xX May 12 @ 9:24am 
Satan e ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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Xx_AlhpaDora_xX May 12 @ 3:14am 
Hello gais its ya boi Anomaly from e sweden
Siceleys Oct 9, 2018 @ 10:36am 
Tiran V2 May 11, 2018 @ 1:19pm 
+rep I mean, he's Finnish, what else is there to say?