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Previously in Turtleboy: Turtleboy vs. Lucifer:

Turtleboy was playing "Get the fuck off the train tracks before the damn locomotive runs me over" before he fell into the hellfire pit on top of the mountain, transporting him to HELL. Turtleboy was on the search to find the Demon-king to escape this sauna. To speed up the process he called upon the velocity of 7 turtles, probably lengthening the journey by like a hour.

Finally, reaching the edge of hell, ironically a cliffside, he feels a gurgle. He also feels the lava bubbling roughly around the cliff. A large figure emerges from the molten magma, revealing the dastardly LUCIFER.


"Sup cuntbag," Lucifer said in a poorly educated black mans voice.
"Lucifer! I finally found you."
"What do you need, T?"
"I need to go back."
"Naw dawg, no can do."
"Fine, but you have to do me a favor." He had a shy expression


Turtleboy walks closer to Lucifer's hand that was clenching the cliffside and sensually rubs his index finger


Satan quickly moved his hand in a grossed out manner "NO MAN, NOT THAT."

"Than what do you need?"
"I need a copy of Precious 2: too flab to fail."
"That movie doesn't exist."
"Naw T, it's a snuff film."

Turtleboy returned to the surface and hurried to his home in the sewer system of New Pork City. He went to a governmental housing area and quickly found a fat african-american women who resembled precious and used a spoon and "THE POWER OF 7 TURTLES" to cut off her limbs. The women woke up to being poked with a spoon by a turtle and killed Turtleboy because she was hungry.

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