Barack Mobamba
Michaelangelo   Livonia, Michigan, United States
I'm an easy going and friendly guy who loves long walks on the beach and long nights contemplating the overwhelming sense of uselessness that my life brings. Only the greatest person ever!

Proof that there is still hope in this world.

Only the greatest person ever!
Link to my Steam Trade Offer page :3
I deleted all of my "jokes" to make room for this:
Miko: xD
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: miko..
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: you
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: butthole
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: why must you
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: fiddle with the settings
Miko: I'm so scared
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: YOU
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: BUTTHOLE
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: nice
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: nice
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: shhh
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: you
Miko: D
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: didnt
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: see
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: that
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: shshshshshh
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: shhhh
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: oh
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: my
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: hod
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: ...
Miko: xD
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: ...................
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: you cheapo
Miko: xD
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: IOJIOP
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: im
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: im
Miko: xD
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: im
Miko: I'm laughing so
(・ω・)ノWolfaiiiiiiii~: uninstalling
Miko: hard
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Miko: omfg
Miko: that
Miko: was
Miko: amazing

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Yo it’s grandpa scout can you talk to me about the match?
zealotsthename † 狂热者 Sep 4, 2019 @ 8:33pm 
hey uh. we cant do thursday or friday and i guess its too late now
nikkomode Aug 20, 2019 @ 10:32am 
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