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Posted: Aug 10, 2016 @ 10:57pm
Updated: Nov 22, 2018 @ 5:50am

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt remains masterpiece of game design. Through its many outstandng features, CDPR yet again solidifies their position as one of the foremost game developers of the modern era.

+ Fantastic replayability.
+ Every quest has real impact, and feels meaningful.
+ Stunningly beautiful world/Graphical quality.
+ Choices you make change relationships with other characters and the world.
+ Extremely good voice acting.
+ Fleshed out characters. You quickly tie an emotional bond to the characters, and all the main characters are interesting, and complex.
+ Real-time breard growth (Cannot emphasise this enough).
+ Lots of free DLC and amazing paid DLC.
+ Deeply rooted crafting and loot systems. The is not a single "best" piece of armor of weapon in the game.
+ Great storytelling, Buying it for the main story alone is worth it. CDPR took an already great book series and made a game that is a full realization of its world.
+ Continued developer support.

- Controls feel clunky when you require precision.
- Some of the side characters seem interesting, but fail to have any real development. (Im looking at you King of the Beggars).
- Filling out smaller locations on the map dont feel rewarding unless you like exploring.
- After the credits roll, the world can feel feels empty as none of your actions seem to shape the interaction with the characters around you.

One of the very few games that have managed to impact me emotionally. It is, without a doubt, my favourite game. If you still havent bought it, pick it up during a sale.
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