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1 weapon sign = 1 key
7:04 PM - Roth: I hear if you surf fast enough and long enough, you become pure water

past tf2 experience (updated 8/15/2018):
ugc season 1 4s: the subspace emissaries (3rd): silver everything
ugc season 2 4s: the subspace emissaries (5th): gold everything
ugc season 3 4s: the subspace emissaries (2nd): medic/demo
ugc season 4 4s: the subspace emissaries (3rd): played 1 match
ugc season 11 6s: digidestined (idk): backup
ugc season 13 6s: warrior nation (idk): silver demo
ugc season 15 6s: dongsquad 420 (1st): steel everything
ugc season 16 6s: dunning-kruger effect (4th): backup
ugc season 18 6s: max's team (team died lol): soldier
ugc season 6 hl: anal play (14th): steel engi
ugc season 7 hl: tin team (17th): plat engi
ugc season 8 hl: anal play (n/a): gold medic (half season)
ugc season 9 hl: kimberlite council (7th): plat medic
ugc season 10 hl: baby punching marathon (2nd): plat medic
ugc season 11 hl: dunning-kruger effect (1st): gold spy
ugc season 12 hl: electric temptations (7th): plat medic (undefeated but we suck)
ugc season 13 hl: electric temptations (2nd): plat medic
ugc season 14 hl: electric temptations (6th): plat medic
ugc season 15 hl: decimate + 8 (3rd): backup
ugc season 16 hl: ginyu hoops (4th): plat medic
ugc season 20 hl: harmabe's heroes (last): gold spy
etf2l season 6 hl: electric temptations (LAST 0-8): plem medic
esea season 13 open: breaking bads: backup
esea season 14 open: hopscotch toss: backup
esea season 15 open: ag madboys (7th): starting medic
esea season 16 im: blocks team (4th): backup
esea season 17 im: the subspace emissaries (8th): backup
esea season 18 invite: ding dong daddies (7th): starting medic
esea season 19 invite: attack of the yommies (6th): starting medic
esea season 20 invite: ascent (1st): starting medic
esea season 21 invite: (2nd): starting medic
esea season 22 invite: froyotech (1st): starting medic
esea season 23 im: waddle r us (top 8): starting roamer
esea season 24 invite: nutting 2 lose (3rd): starting medic
esea season 26 invite: svift na (2nd): starting medic
esea season 28 invite: new god flow (3rd): starting medic
ready steady pan season 1 6s: gentlepans (1st): elite melee
ready steady pan season 2 6s: always have a pan b (2nd): elite melee

GXL 2014: ??? (idk): medic
GXL 2015: ascent (2nd): medic
insomnia 58: froyotech (3rd): medic
GXL 2017: nutting 2 lose (1st): medic

also cevo and igl but those never happened
also 9 year surf veteran
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Have you ever gone so fast that you were in 0th place


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