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1 weapon sign = 1 key
7:04 PM - Roth: I hear if you surf fast enough and long enough, you become pure water

past tf2 experience (updated 12/14/2017):
ugc season 1 4s: the subspace emissaries (3rd): silver everything
ugc season 2 4s: the subspace emissaries (5th): gold everything
ugc season 3 4s: the subspace emissaries (2nd): medic/demo
ugc season 4 4s: the subspace emissaries (3rd): played 1 match
ugc season 11 6s: digidestined (idk): backup
ugc season 13 6s: warrior nation (idk): silver demo
ugc season 15 6s: dongsquad 420 (1st): steel everything
ugc season 16 6s: dunning-kruger effect (4th): backup
ugc season 18 6s: max's team (team died lol): soldier
ugc season 6 hl: anal play (14th): steel engi
ugc season 7 hl: tin team (17th): plat engi
ugc season 8 hl: anal play (n/a): gold medic (half season)
ugc season 9 hl: kimberlite council (7th): plat medic
ugc season 10 hl: baby punching marathon (2nd): plat medic
ugc season 11 hl: dunning-kruger effect (1st): gold spy
ugc season 12 hl: electric temptations (7th): plat medic (undefeated but we suck)
ugc season 13 hl: electric temptations (2nd): plat medic
ugc season 14 hl: electric temptations (6th): plat medic
ugc season 15 hl: decimate + 8 (3rd): backup
ugc season 16 hl: ginyu hoops (4th): plat medic
ugc season 20 hl: harmabe's heroes (last): gold spy
etf2l season 6 hl: electric temptations (LAST 0-8): plem medic
esea season 13 open: breaking bads: backup
esea season 14 open: hopscotch toss: backup
esea season 15 open: ag madboys (7th): starting medic
esea season 16 im: blocks team (4th): backup
esea season 17 im: the subspace emissaries (8th): backup
esea season 18 invite: ding dong daddies (7th): starting medic
esea season 19 invite: attack of the yommies (6th): starting medic
esea season 20 invite: ascent (1st): starting medic
esea season 21 invite: (2nd): starting medic
esea season 22 invite: froyotech (1st): starting medic
esea season 23 im: waddle r us (top 8): starting roamer
esea season 24 invite: nutting 2 lose (3rd): starting medic
esea season 26 invite: svift na (2nd): starting medic
ready steady pan season 1 6s: gentlepans (1st): elite melee
ready steady pan season 2 6s: always have a pan b (2nd): elite melee

GXL 2014: ??? (idk): medic
GXL 2015: ascent (2nd): medic
insomnia 58: froyotech (3rd): medic
GXL 2017: nutting 2 lose (1st): medic

also cevo and igl but those never happened
also 9 year surf veteran
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Have you ever gone so fast that you were in 0th place

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brad i might never be on steam again on the 14th of december due to some bullshit the fcc is doing to the internet in the usa they are over runing news sations with facist bs as well in other words the goverment killed me (on here anyways) i know that im a guy who you look up to dearly but the internet is gonna be more expensive and slower and i cant stick around after.... im sorry brad... you where a real bro keep going no matter what anyone says.
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