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Personal Achievements

Complete the Campaign

Complete the campaign.

Forge Expert

Win 5 forges without losing a game.


End a draft with a 7-0 record.

Ranked Streak: 5

Win 5 ranked games in a row.

Join the Fight

Win 100 PvP games.

Lucky Pull

Play a legendary card in draft.

Battle for the Throne

Play all 5 Scions.

Ranked: Silver

Earn silver in ranked for any season.

Ranked: Gold

Earn gold in ranked for any season.

Ranked: Diamond

Earn diamond in ranked for any season.

Ranked: Master

Earn master in ranked for any season.

Draft: Silver

Earn silver in draft for any season.

Draft: Gold

Earn gold in draft for any season.

Draft: Diamond

Earn diamond in draft for any season.

Draft: Master

Earn master in draft for any season.

Going Big

Amplify 100 times.

Found It!

Play 50 Treasure Troves.


Destroy 50 enemy Sites.

Price of Fame

Activate Renown 100 times.

Just as Planned

Complete 20 Site Agendas.

Pledge Allegiance

Pledge 30 times.


Complete Homecoming.

Stormhalt Defiance

Play a free Stormhalt Knife in ranked.

It's One Louder

Amplify Diogo up to x11.

Coordinated Arrival

Have three or more Shifted units emerge in a single turn.

Grand Design

Have a Kira that is 10/10 or larger with 5 or more battle skills.

Do the Twist

Twist 100 times.

Nowhere to Hide

Kill a Shifted enemy unit.

Perfectly Even

Draw 20 cards with Evenhanded Golem.

Press Shift

Play 100 units Shifted.


Activate Onslaught 100 times.

Army of the Shugo

Have four Oni wielding weapons.

Most Dangerous Game

Kill an enemy unit that has 7 or more strength with a Killer attack.

Sodi's Offensive

Draw 10 cards from Sodi's ability.

Sundered Veil

Shift nine units from the void with Uldra.

Twisted Frontier

Twist three different units in a turn.

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