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Unlocked May 12, 2016 @ 6:55am


Complete the Tutorial
Unlocked May 12, 2016 @ 6:55am

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King Crab

Complete the Fire Forest

Tastes Like Salmon

Complete the Fungus Cave

Goodbye Yellowbrick Road

Complete the Vanquished

Eye For An Eye

Complete the Underground Base

Polar Express

Complete the Strands

I Ain't Afraid Of No Dropship!

Complete the Graveyard

Hands Off!

Complete the Temple of the Lost

Crisis Averted

Complete the Star Cathedral

Spicy King Crab

Complete the Elite Fire Forest

Worm Sashimi

Complete the Elite Fungus Cave

Return To The Yellowbrick Road

Complete the Elite Vanquished


Complete the Elite Underground Base


Complete the Elite Strands

Dropship Busters

Complete the Elite Graveyard

Bad Touch

Complete the Elite Temple of the Lost


Kill 1000 enemies


Kill 20000 enemies

One MILLION Damage

Deal a million damage

Run 'n Gun

Complete all missions with a Wildfire

Slice 'n Dice

Complete all missions with a Duskwing

Smash 'n Crash

Complete all missions with an Ironclad

Make 'n Break

Complete all missions with a Fabricator

You The Real MVP!

Get 10 impressive performance callouts


Get 100 impressive performance callouts

One Small Step

Achieve MK II with any shell

Getting There...

Achieve MK III with any shell

Not even my Final Form!

Achieve MK IV with any shell

Bring it on!

Achieve MK V with any shell


Achieve MK VI with any shell

Reducing Middle Management

Complete 20 midbosses

Speed Bumps

Complete 100 midbosses

This One's Mine

Picked up Prototype

All Shells Must Die

Destroy a Shell

Custom Tailored

Wear all Custom equipment


Wear all Experimental equipment

I'm Kind Of A Big Deal

Wear all Prototype equipment

Clandestine Exchange

Make a purchase at a Secret Shop

Shields Up!

Blocked 1000 Bullets

Bullet Eater

Blocked 100000 Bullets


Collected 100 Boosts


Collected 10000 Boosts

Survivor's Guilt

Lost 100 allies

Forever Alone

Lost 10000 allies


Have 100 allies increase their MK

Brothers In Arms

Have 10000 allies increase their MK

Help Me Help You

Have 20 allies complete a new mission


Have 1000 allies complete a new mission

Hold The Line!

Reach Wave 50 in the Underground Base

Once More Unto The Breach!

Reach Wave 50 in the Elite Underground Base

Chasing Waterfalls

Find The Hidden Waterfall

Mother Of Crystals

Find The Mother Crystal

Viva La Resistance!

Find The Sympathizers

Bad Memories

Find The Holo-Statue

In Utero

Find The Embryo

Captain's Chair

Find The Bridge

Hubris Of The Lost

Find The Chronicle


Find Bes


Find Horus


Find Ptah


Find Set


Find Thoth


Find Shu

Playing With Fire

Achieve A Rank with Wildfire

Happiness Is A Warm Gun

Achieve S Rank with Wildfire

Born In The Dusk

Achieve A Rank with Duskwing

Molded By The Dusk

Achieve S Rank with Duskwing

Clad In Iron

Achieve A Rank with Ironclad


Achieve S Rank with Ironclad

Maker, Not Taker

Achieve A Rank with Fabricator

Not A Fabrication

Achieve S Rank with Fabricator

You're Going To Love The Way You Look

Buy vanity item

Everybody Walk The Dinosaur!

Complete the Frozen Blight

I Call The Big One "Bitey"

Complete the Elite Frozen Blight

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