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Personal Achievements

No Surrender

Crashed the game.

There Are Better Options Than These

Unlocked Pony Lasers.


Destroyed the first Core File.

Enjoy The Wings

Unlocked Pony Wings.

Security Breach

Destroyed the second Core File.

You Killed Louey

Killed Louey.


Destroyed the third Core File.


Escaped the arcade.


Learned a secret of your past.

A Glimpse

Learned another secret of your past.

The Truth

Learned a third secret of your past.

The Full Truth

Learned every secret of your past.

That's The Ticket!

Found your first ticket.

Ticked Off

Found 3 tickets.

Ticket Hunter

Found 7 tickets.

Jiminy Ticket

Found 14 tickets.

Ticket Master

Found all 24 tickets.

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