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Personal Achievements

You are Getting it

Finish Delphi

Global Warming Denier

Finish Ephesos

This WAS Sparta

Finish Sparta

It's Sunken for a Reason

Finish Atlantis

If They Were So Clever, Why Were They Conquered?

Finish Athens

Mandatory Fire/Magma/Lava Level

Finish Lemnos

Just Like In That Hercules Movie

Defeat Hades

Death of a Ladies' Man

Defeat Zeus

Absolute Power

Defeat the Philosopher God

Death List Thirteen

Defeat all the gods

Monster Hunter

Defeat all the subbosses

The Argonauts

Unlock all the heroes that were on board the Argo

The Trojan War

Unlock all the heroes that took part in that epic and poetic war

The School of Athens

Unlock all the philosophers of Rapahel's painting

They Just Won't Leave

Unlock all the persistent heroes and philosophers in the Agora

Herodotus' Disciple

Unlock all the heroes

Hero of Few

Defeat a boss with 5 or less people in the mob.

On a Roll

Perform 10 perfect blocks in a row


Activate 7 diferent Cryptos
0 / 7

No Mobster Left Behind

Finish a world without losing any people.

Smoke Detector

Break 55 smoke emitters
0 / 55

Couch Party

Have Elektra, Oedipus and Narcissus in the mob at the same time

Who's the Mob Now?

Kill more than 50 enemies in the same level

Are You In A Hurry?

Beat Hades in under 25 minues


Destroy 75 or more buildings in one world

Selective Rampager

Finish 3 worlds without destroying any buildings


Defeat 100 Hecatonchires
0 / 100

This Is Between You And All Of Us

Defeat Dyonissus without killing any of his summons

Look, Mom! No Hands!!!

Beat the game without using any items

Social Awkwardness

Beat the game with a mob capacity of 30 or less


Finish a pacifist run

Contractual Obligation Achievement

Unlock the special ending. No more Monty Python jokes, we promise.


Unlock all the entries in the encyclopaedia

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