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First Blood

Get your first kill in a multiplayer match
1 / 1

The bodies will pile high tonight!

Net 100 Kills
0 / 100

I've run out of flowers

Net 500 Kills
0 / 500

Kingdoms Killed

Net 3000 Kills, WOW! That's a lot of blood, If each one of them had like 5 liters of blood then you have spilled like 15000L of blood all over my beautiful maps! I hope you are going to clean that up
0 / 3,000

Not today!

You plane-shifted to avoid being killed by that exploding axe someone lodged into you! Skills bruh

Bad day sir

Loose a duel
1 / 1

Share the Love!

After an enemy has attached an exploding axe to you, stay close enough so that when the axe explodes it kills the thrower

Blade master!

Win a duel
1 / 1

Play KR

Play a game of KR


Use sprint mode for 42km
0 / 42,000

BOOM Headshot!

Stick an arrow through someones brain


Push someone off an edge and cause them to die

Jedi Master

Kill 2 People with one Push


Push away 3 people causing them to die

You can't run from Heaven

Zap someone dead with a lightning bolt

Killer Hook

Kill someone with the latch-on damage of your hookshot

You have no power here!

Tank 500 damage using Magic Immunity
0 / 500

Pin Cushion

Tank 3 Arrows using Magic Immunity
3 / 3


Kill an enemy with the bow while in mid air


Kill someone with an arrow from 50 meters away!

Two birds with one giant sword

Kill two people in a single swing

Huddle Ruined

Kill 3 People in a single swing


Parry a fast swing perfectly
1 / 1

He's beginning to believe...

Successfully Parry-Lock an enemy

Winter is Coming

Successfully swing your blade into an enemy neck

For your Kingdom!

Win Victory in a Team Match
1 / 1


Win 10 Team Matches
0 / 10


Win 100 Team Matches
0 / 100

King of the scoreboard

Win 10 deathmatch games
0 / 10

Top Dog

Win a deathmatch game
1 / 1

I could do this all day

Do 10 successful parries in a row

Close call

Kill an opponent while on 1HP

Hail Mary

Get a kill with a throwing weapon from over 50 meters away

Faraday Cage

Take 2 or more lightning strikes within one charge of magic immunity

Higher-Tier Knight

Pull off 10 Parries while Dashing
0 / 10

And you're coming with me!

Pull someone to thier death while you are already falling to yours

Balloon Popper

Break 10 Enemy magic shields
0 / 10


Spend an hour in training
0 / 3,600

Let it go!

Kill a frozen enemy

Death from Above

End someone with your sword while falling

Spartan Blood

Kick someones corpse as you finish them

Paddle Mastery

Kill someone using ONLY the training sword

Parry perfect

Net 100 parries
0 / 100

Stab Kebab

Kill 2 People with a single stab attack

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