/fɪt/   Hamburg, Germany
I've seen your face before my friend
but I don't know if you know who I am

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if you need your own private channel, message me!

I run a small community at , if you ever feel like I could help you don't hesitate to add me.
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Jim Davis 30 lug 2018, ore 9:26 
Added to ask about SourceForts server hosting
Amy 21 nov 2017, ore 6:48 
send nudes pls
Amy 29 lug 2017, ore 18:49 
i want a divorce :steamsalty:
Amy 4 lug 2017, ore 11:56 
I want to blow your mind after I blow something else. :2015candycane:
dezzy 10 apr 2017, ore 3:20 
can you create a private channel for me and my friend, because my went down due to maintenance on the server.
Flash 30 ago 2016, ore 14:53 
Can you unban my friend on your TS server... TS ID is vbjMcRgwJo6fsy3V9l0f/c+xkQU=
He was banned for no reason