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I am not accepting trade offers from random people. Please do not add me or post a comment in regards to trades of any kind. If you add me for a trade offer for my Unusual hat, I will block you.

Now that that's out of the way, hello! I'd like it if you commented first before adding me.
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The wonderful thing about Terraria is how much content is packed into every update- there's plenty to tide one over to the next huge blast of content. It's a great sandbox platformer that's easy to pick up and learn, with as much of a difficulty curve as you want to give it, depending on how fast you wish to progress. The environments range from cheery and colorful to dark and atmospheric to creepy and unsettling. The game has a sense of urgency once you enter "Hard Mode," which is a new level of difficulty added to the world that brings you into a frantic dash to protect your world from mirror sets of color-coded invasive biomes. The player's goal eventually comes to both harnessing the light and dark, while also protecting nature itself and becoming stronger in the process as he forges stronger weapons and armor to combat the monsters that threaten his wooden structure of brain-dead NPCs.

This game is great. Buy it. Play it.

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