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Personal Achievements
Unlocked May 4, 2014 @ 4:06am

Roving With Technology

Research the Small Rover
Unlocked May 2, 2014 @ 2:05pm

Postcard From Mars

Snap your first picture of the Martian terrain
Unlocked May 2, 2014 @ 1:47pm

It's All About The Science

Take your first analysis on the Martian surface
Unlocked May 4, 2014 @ 4:54am

Made On Earth

Successfully make your first landing on Mars
Unlocked May 2, 2014 @ 2:16pm

Martian Magellan

Send a vehicle to Victoria Crater
Unlocked May 2, 2014 @ 2:08pm

A Dutchman's Tribute

Send a vehicle to Kaiser Crater
Unlocked May 2, 2014 @ 1:58pm

Aussie Accolade

Send a vehicle to Gale Crater
Unlocked May 3, 2014 @ 3:42am

Rover Engineer

Construct your own vehicle from scratch in the Rover Lab
Unlocked May 4, 2014 @ 5:36am

Ten Million For The Agency

Earn a total of $10,000K
Unlocked May 2, 2014 @ 4:48pm

Keys To The Rover

Explore Mars for a total of at least 3 hours
Unlocked May 4, 2014 @ 5:37am

Martian Sprint

Drive a total of 1km (or 0.62mi) with a Rover

Because Size Matters

Research the Large Lander

Double The Wheels

Research the Medium Rover

6-Wheeled Behemoth

Research the Large Rover

Mars And Beyond

Research the Zero-G Probe


Break off at least 1 instrument or camera while controlling a vehicle


Break off at least 5 instruments or cameras while controlling a vehicle

Catastrophic Failure

Break off at least 10 instruments or cameras while controlling a vehicle

Mars Explorer

Complete a total of 100 Explore targets
69 / 100

Mars Paparazzi

Complete a total of 100 Photo targets
15 / 100

Mars Scientist

Complete a total of 100 Analyze targets
16 / 100

Mars Conqueror

Complete all Major missions in the Space Program

One Hundred Million And Counting

Earn a total of $100,000K
14,577 / 100,000

Billion Dollar Grant

Earn a total of $1,000,000K
14,577 / 1,000,000

Night Owl

Drive 5km (or 3.1mi) at night in one go without using Night Vision

Power Plant

Generate a total of one Gigawatt of power
8,281 / 1,000,000,000

Lost And Found

Locate the lost Beagle 2 lander

15 Seconds Of Fame

Locate the old Russian Mars 3 lander

Practise Makes Perfect

Explore Mars for a total of at least 33 hours
13 / 33

Hardened Veteran

Explore Mars for a total of at least 333 hours
13 / 333

Martian Half-Marathon

Drive a total of 21km (or 13mi) with a Rover
2,731 / 21,000

Martian Marathon

Drive a total of 42km (or 26mi) with a Rover
2,731 / 42,000

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