Phil   Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Please read info before adding me

I generally DON'T accept random invites from people I've had no interaction with, same for Private Profiles (unless I know you in person).

I sometimes might accept invites once I've checked your profile and see you're a relatively decent human being :P

Don't beg me for stuff, I always give to the community when I can. I am not currently trading.

I have no additional/alternate Steam Accounts. Any trade/invites or communication from any other account, impersonating myself, is a scam.

I'm the most chilled and respectful person you'll ever meet. Be yourself and sure we'll get along just fine. I'm not here to pick fights with people I can't physically lay my hands on :P

Steam levels mean nothing to me, I really don't care what level you are and just because I play the market at times, doesn't make me any better than you.

I'm here to game and meet good people along the way, it's not a popularity contest for me.

About me

I'm a Graphic Designer, work from home and am lucky to have some international clients who support my lifestyle.

Due to timezones, I'm online the majority of the day and am cool with chatting to friends.

My life comprises mostly of (in order) Work, Surf, Game, Sleep and repeat... sadly.

I won't bore you anymore but if you're still reading there are some links below to my meaningless life.

Surf Vids Good mate Greg's captures of me on Vimeo

Game Vids My Game dumps on Youtube

Current Hardware

Main: i9 9900X | 32gb RAM | RTX 2080 Backup: i7 7700k | 32gb RAM | GTX 1080 VR: Samsung HMD Odyssey WMR

That's about it... If you're still here... have a good day and go be awesome! :rheartr:

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Odett 14 hours ago 
You're wonderful :Speech_Love:
Meyzmo Jun 12 @ 4:29pm 
If you see this comment in your profile, know that you are a close person to my :r_heart: I wish you a :k8happy: weekend full of health :BlStar: and wealth :hc_coin: God bless you :2019clover:
Meyzmo Jun 6 @ 12:20pm 
Appreciate the little you have, and remember, many pray for your life, so know that admiring what you are and what you own is the ultimate key for genuine happiness :MoonlighterShiny:
Meyzmo Jun 6 @ 12:20pm 
greg030 Jun 4 @ 8:45am 
Meyzmo May 28 @ 10:58am 
Have a nice weekend :MoonlighterShiny: And please don't exceed the speed limit :orwell_activity: