phi [on loan pc]
Rebecca   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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Professional level designer, amateur musician. Creator of cp_sunshine and cp_reckoner, as seen in ESEA, ETF2L, and other leagues.

Open for level and graphic design commissions - contact me with any serious inquiries. She/her
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Ravenholmzombies May 13 @ 4:56am 
Hey there, added you a while back, don't seem to be able to reach you via messaging, so if you catch this comment, I would like to get in touch
gay cat incest May 9 @ 7:26am 
why don't you have any sound
Cat Agent Mar 20 @ 8:23pm 
Hey phi,
I'm interested in working with you on website graphics for the next FLAN (Florida LAN) that's coming up in Late 2018 that's in memory of a friend that meant alot to the Team Fortress 2 competitive community. We would compensate you if you are interested in the project. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Ravenholmzombies Mar 2 @ 5:26pm 
Adding regarding your level and/or graphic design commissions.
Dogman15 Nov 28, 2017 @ 9:56pm 
Who did the art in your profile picture?
Rocketfella' Nov 11, 2017 @ 4:44am