hold my beer and watch this.
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- My Trade Offer Link
- My Reputation [backpack.tf]
- My latest Edit [SWAG] II
y u here
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:goldorb: I clear out my friendlist every week, so if I removed you, nothing personal.
:goldorb:Find out the prices for these items here = http://backpack.tf/classifieds/?steamid=76561198202694983 OR http://www.tf2outpost.com/user/1038550
:goldorb: Unusuals i am currently selling = http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/27714742
:goldorb: Rip my misty skull backbiters you will always be remembered http://i.imgur.com/paI2kKT.jpg
:goldorb:Best hat i currently own http://i.imgur.com/ZwycPuC.png
:goldorb:Thanks alot cranky cat http://i.imgur.com/BgW9DyZ.png
:goldorb: Thanks alot RoR https://s13.postimg.org/7ibni5n87/image.jpg
:goldorb: My best achievement in the whole carrier of trading = http://puu.sh/mI0kg/061f36c36c.png , http://puu.sh/sSbuz/f7f9d01541.png , http://puu.sh/t4JJk/0fdeb0a261.png
:goldorb: You will find me in scrap.tf , tf2outpost.com , sweetstakes.tf , backpack.tf , backpack.tf community forums


Rules to trade with me
:goldorb: I am not accepting friend requests from people who have a steam level below 3, people who have private profiles and people who are named "[unassigned]"
:goldorb:Please do not add me and make offers on the items that i am not selling, i am selling all i have listed on backpack.tf, not anything else.
:goldorb:Please donot add me for trading, but if it is necessary then you may.
:goldorb:If you are marked on steamrep i will NOT trade with you, no matter what.
:goldorb:Please DO NOT beg me for items, will simply result in to a block.
:goldorb: I will NEVER trade my items for games. No matter how much you overpay
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im adding you bc you are a nice gamer,ecks dee?
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accept trade pls :(
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