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situationally unaware 6 hours ago 
Table Jun 16 @ 4:58am 
Hello friend my name is Dallas Steel and I'm a crippling racist. Nate Higgers told me to stop and I didn't so I killed him dead and ♥♥♥♥♥♥ his wife raw dog style and she enjoyed it much very nice :thumbs_up:. Then i went to 7/11 and got a nice ice coffee for 99p.
Table Jun 14 @ 9:15pm 
xX_SemenSlurper_Xx May 12 @ 6:32am 
hey guys! tyler creator here, see yo uagain! i need your credit card information so i can buy more rolls royce vehicles! don't belive me? who dat boy!
john May 12 @ 3:10am
xX_SemenSlurper_Xx May 2 @ 11:34pm 
terra is a ♥♥♥ sweaty as virgin who gets zero bches so he spends all his free time looking at my application and denies it