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:exclaim: :exclaim: :exclaim: PLEASE DON'T ADD ME FOR TRADING. :exclaim: :exclaim: :exclaim:

:OptionB: Sometimes I need to log out of Steam, as it really distracts me and I do not currently have enough discipline to get my work done while I have fun things available to me. The current best option for me is to close it out to help me focus. I hope you understand.

Trying to get my life together, so sometimes I will be busy, but I am addicted to playing video games, particularly TF2, and will continue to play them when I can.

:OptionB: Sorry, I do not accept random friend requests. I don't usually trade, either, so friending me just to trade is rather pointless. If we played together and had fun ( usually means you're a decent player and are generally nice ), or if we are working on a project/workshop item, then I'll consider accepting/adding.

If I removed you from my friends list, it's nothing personal and I'm sure there are people out there that would be more compatible with you than I would be, honestly.

Perspective, it's magic.

Kindness is not weakness.

War causes more problems than it "solves".

"An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind" - Not sure who this quote is by

:OptionB: My channel I barely do anything with :

I hope to make new and better channels in the future. ;D

Lord Cutler Beckett : You're mad.
Captain Jack Sparrow : Thank goodness for that, because if I wasn't this would probably never work.

☮ ∞ ♌ ♂ ⚣ ♘ ♞ ✔ ✘ ❤ $ © ® ™ 🐾
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Current Policies :

:mana: I do not accept random friend requests. I'll consider accepting/adding those who I've played with and had lots of fun with ( usually means they're decent at the game and are generally nice ) or project related purposes ( workshop, etc ). Please keep in mind, though, I'm pretty bad about keeping up with people and I have a lot of stuff that I need to do, so I may be offline for long periods of time ( usually about a week ).
:mana: Please stop randomly adding me to trade. My items are not for trade. On the rare occasion I do want to trade something, I will find others who are trading or make some sort of announcement. Also, I have trade holds, so I'm not exactly ideal to trade with anyway.

Dear Valve :

It's unlikely that you'll run across this, but....

:UT2004health: Please optimize TF2 so that it performs better. This should help restore interest in the game again.
:UT2004health: My request for more backpack space has been added. It went from 2,000 to 2,500, then to 3,000 shortly after. I would still like a bit more, if possible, but for now this is great. Thank you, Valve!
:UT2004health: Please add more cosmetic slots to our loadouts in TF2. When I play around with possible loadouts, I tend to have 5 to 8 cosmetics total, therefore I think 6 or 9 would be a great total ( then I could add a balloonicorn, if I wanted ), although even adding 1 more slot ( 4 total ) would be helpful. I understand that this may cause problems, but I hope it can work out somehow.
:UT2004health: I'm working on a list of things for TF2, including the two I mentioned above, that I hope to send to you soon ( hopefully before you release Source 2 ).

TF2 Tid-bits ( Slightly Outdated, I Need To Fix It Soon ) :

:medicon: I main medic and pyro. I also quite like heavy and soldier. Engie's time is also high, but mostly out of obligation. I am terrible at spy.
:medicon: I tend to prefer CTF, KOTH, and Payload. Although, Robot Destruct and CP can be fun as well.
:medicon: I also quite like MVM. I mainly play as heavy, scout, engie, soldier, and pyro. And sniper too, but he's usually not appreciated, unfortunately... Playing medic in MVM really stresses me out.
:medicon: I used to always play on Blu, even waiting 10+ minutes just to get on it again. While I still really prefer Blu, I'm not quite as adamant about it, especially if my friends are on Red.
:medicon: I hate spawn camping ( slight exception on defense maps, where it's difficult not to, as the goal is to keep the players back ), whether my team is getting spawn camped or are the ones doing it. If I am healing you, please don't spawn camp, as it's very stressful for me, because that forces me to either spawn camp or abandon you, neither of which I want to do.
:medicon: I try not to kill friendlies and often play around with them. It can be lots of fun and adds another element to the game.
:medicon: When my team wins, I usually don't kill the losing team during the victory time. I hate that feeling when my team loses and the other team ruthlessly chases me down while I'm defenseless, so I don't like doing that to others. I prefer to celebrate with my team ( especially friends ) and be friendly with the losing team during that time.
:medicon: I prefer Valve servers due to the lack of ads and mods. Sometimes other servers mess with my game and/or computer performance, which really bothers me.
:medicon: I collect crusader's crossbows. I hope to one day have 1,000+ and to have a side account to store them on.

:medicon: Preferred Sheen Colors : Agonizing Emerald ( most wanted ), Team Shine ( blue ), Manndarin, Villainous Violet, Deadly Daffodil
:medicon: Preferred Killstreak Eye Effects : Fire Horns, Incinerator, Singularity, Cerebral Discharge
:medicon: Preferred Cosmetic Unusual Effects : Arcana, Aces High, Sunbeams, Cloud 9, Green Energy, Frostbite, Smoking ( has a Phantom vibe ), Morning Glory, Bubbling, Circling Heart, Circling Peace Sign, Circling TF Logo, Dead Presidents ( but I don't like the name ), Disco Beat Down, Miami Nights, Power Surge, Nebula, Magnetic Hat Protector, Voltaic Hat Protector, Starstorm Insomnia, Tesla Coil, Galactic Gateway, White Lightning, Twisted Radiance, Ethereal Essence,
:medicon: Preferred Taunt Unusual Effects : Showstopper, Fountain of Delight, Skill Gotten Gains, Holy Grail, Screaming Tiger, Enchanted, Accursed
:medicon: Preferred Weapon Unusual Effects : Isotope, Energy Orb ( rip )
:medicon: Preferred Decorated Weapon Wears : Factory New ( although, it pisses me off that they still have peels and such )

Unusuals Unboxed :
02-22-2014 - Dead Presidents Gym Rat [ Sold ]
02-22-2014 - Kill-a-Watt Hetman's Headpiece [ Sold ]
07-27-2014 - Mega Strike Deep Fried Desire [ Sold ] ( Opened on my birthday! )
09-04-2017 - Cloud 9 Elf Esteem [ Keeping ]
05-01-2018 - Cloud 9 Gridiron Guardian [ ? ]
12-27-2018 - Smoking Virus Doctor [ Might Keep ]
07-27-2019 - Sunbeams Snowcapped [ Not Sure ] ( Opened on my birthday! )

Australium Loot :
08-03-2015 - 4th Tour - Australium Sniper Rifle [ Sold ]
07-23-2019 - 27th(?) Tour - Australium Grenade Launcher [ On Hold ]

Overwatch Tid-Bits :

+ I'm pretty bad at Overwatch. Partly because it's still new to me, but a big part of it is that the controls are very difficult for me. It also doesn't help that my computer has trouble running it and my ping sometimes spikes.
+ Overwatch Characters I'd Like To Play : Ana, Reinhardt, Zenyatta, Lucio, Zarya, Hanzo, McCree, Junkrat, D.Va, Tracer, Roadhog

Note To Self ( Trading Card Related Wishlist ):

:diplomacy: Project Temporality - tp_key emoticon
:diplomacy: Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie - NZA2_Zed emoticon
:diplomacy: Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness - emoticons ( general )
:diplomacy: Marauder - hand2hand emoticon
:diplomacy: Blackwell Convergence - bccat emoticon
:diplomacy: Blacklight: Retribution - emoticons ( yes, no, suit )
:diplomacy: Kings of Israel - woodresource
:diplomacy: Kings of Israel - goldresource
:diplomacy: Master Reboot - emoticons ( mostly the animals - ducks, whale, giraffe, etc )
:diplomacy: Trials of the Blood Dragon - :blooddragon_emoticon1:
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Crusader's crossbow crafted by sister, who gave me the idea to get crafted crossbows from my friends I've gotten some so far, but hoping to get more, once I can afford to. :D

If you happen to see this Valve/Steam, would you please add another showcase similar to this one, but for collections? And give it one or two more rows of items that can be shown ( 12 or 18 items total )? The text box is also nice, so please include it as well. It would basically be a cross between the trade showcase and item showcase. Item showcase would be different in that it just shows particular items you want to display, while a collection showcase would feature various items from a collection ( and if someone has a huge collection, they can use both to show more of it ).

While we're at it, a wishlist for market items similar to the games wishlist would be really helpful. Wishlist showcases would also be pretty nice to have, for both games and the market.

I need to send you a mail about this as well, although I'm unsure where to send it. Hmm...
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